EDW Strategic Plan


Edmond Democratic Women believe n the equality of all people, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, gender expressions, religion or nationality; and

We believe all citizens should be able to live in a safe and civil society and we have an obligation to do what we can to ensure that for future generations; and

We believe that a responsible government that represents the citizens and is responsive to their needs is the proper place to generate and exemplify the social, economic and environmental values that are necessary for a strong society and a better world; and

We believe that ALL should have access to:
• Economic opportunities that provide, at a minimum, livable wages;
• Quality public education that prepare individuals to succeed in careers of their choice;
• A safe, clean environment; and,
• Affordable healthcare and, more specifically, the availability of resources for women that will help them make informed and safe choices in the care of their own bodies.


The mission of the Edmond Democratic Women club is to make positive change in the community, the state and the country by leveraging our collective strengths. We will do this by:
• Providing a positive and unified voice from a group of concerned and caring women, educated on the issues;
• Promoting the values of the Democratic Party and supporting those individuals who will represent those values in elected office in our community, our state and at the federal level;
• Providing the support for one another that is needed in this uncertain world.