Edmond Democratic Women Endorses Drew Edmondson for Governor

Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Drew Edmondson for Governor. Drew shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe he will be the strong and principled leader the state of Oklahoma needs to become a better place for all of its citizens to live and work. For more information about Drew or to volunteer to help with his campaign efforts, please visit his website at https://drewforoklahoma.com/.

Drew’s position on a few of the issues that align with EDW’s mission and values:


Drew said he intends to restore all education funding lost from budget cuts and re-enforce provisions of House Bill 1017, a 1990 education reform bill passed and signed into law. On his campaign website, he says he would work to raise teacher salaries to the regional average, reduce administrative costs and put the money into classrooms. He also would increase higher education funding and make pre-kindergarten education more accessible across the state.


Drew is an advocate for restoring the gross production tax (GPT) on all oil production to 7 percent and ending the capital gains tax exemption. If able to stabilize the state budget as a whole, he would support legislation to appropriate the funds generated from the gross production tax to a special capital investments fund. That fund would be used to pay for infrastructure improvements such as for roads and state facilities. He would close corporate tax loopholes and expand deductions for the middle class and small businesses.


Drew has said he would work to expand Medicaid and provide wider health-care access to rural residents. He supported medical marijuana, saying additional tax revenue generated from legalization would benefit state government. He is a long-time pro-choice advocate. He would negotiate price increases with drugmakers and import drugs from Canada when necessary.

This information was taken from his website: https://drewforoklahoma.com/