Edmond Democratic Women Endorses Kathy Wallis for House District 96

Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Kathy Wallis for Oklahoma State House District 96. For more information about Kathy or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website at https://www.kathywallis.com/.

Kathy’s position on a few of the issues that align with EDW’s mission and values:


“As your State Representative, I will work with our local communities to protect and improve the quality of public education in our state.  I will be an advocate for properly funding our public education, auditing our spending and making sure education funding is being used in the best interest of our children and public school system. It’s time Oklahoma is a place where every child believes their future is limitless and it starts with a quality education.”


“Oklahomans are spending more on our health and health care than ever before, and receiving less. Deductibles and insurance costs are out of control. Emergency and chronic medical expenses are burdening families with debt. Preventive solutions are wildly ignored and largely unavailable, while pharmaceutical sales and insurance profit margins balloon.

Health care is a right we must protect. No one should ever have to decide whether or not they can afford to seek treatment.  There must be quality, affordable health care for every Oklahoman, with a system that advocates for preventive medicine and wellness.”


“We must build an Oklahoma where no one has to work more than one full-time job to make ends meet. A strong economy means investing in diverse businesses, fighting for equality in the workplace, proving families a path out of poverty, and ensuring access to affordable healthcare to everyone.  Job opportunity is the backbone of an economy that eliminates poverty and fosters prosperity for every family…As your State Representative, I will always fight for our citizens to have strong job opportunities with fair wages they can rely on to support their family.”

This information was taken from her website: https://www.kathywallis.com/.