Edmond Democratic Women Endorses William Andrews for Senate District 22

Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for William Andrews for Oklahoma State Senate District 22. For more information about William or to volunteer to help with his campaign efforts, please visit his website at http://www.andrewsforok.com/

William’s position on a few of the issues that align with EDW’s mission and values:



“I am a product of Oklahoma public education and I’m proud of it.

While attending the teacher walkout, I advocated a restoration of the 5.25% income tax – an increase of only a quarter of a percent that could make a world of difference to Oklahoma education. I support repealing the capital gains exemption that costs this state tens of millions of dollars but only benefits a few hundred Oklahomans. This is a perfect example of how Oklahoma legislators have been co-opted by wealthy special interests.

The money to properly fund education exists. What the state lacks is legislators with the ability to stand up for their constituents.”


“Make no mistake, incarceration in Oklahoma is big business.

We spend many times what we spend educating a child just to house a prisoner. That’s crazy. Oklahoma is the world leader in the incarceration of women and will soon lead in the incarceration of men if we do not make changes.

Nonviolent offenders should have more alternatives than simply a cell. Again, education and community involvement are key. The ‘three strikes’ laws that prevailed in the last few decades have only created a massive private prison industry that has drained state resources. It’s not enough to be tough on crime. We have to be smart on crime too.”

This information was taken from his website: http://www.andrewsforok.com/