“Hard Work, Determination, Innovation”

The Oklahoma County Democratic Party Officers recognized EDW members, Beth Gerady
and Helen Tang, for ‘Democrats Doing Good’. This was announced during the September OK
County Dems Monthly Meeting held right here in Edmond at the Public Library. Here is a little
of what Carol Chappell, the Secretary of the Oklahoma County Democratic Party said ~

“ These two women
are co-officers in their precinct and have done a spectacular job of
working together, collaborating, sharing ideas and just supporting
each other. This is something all of us (who are lucky enough to
share duties with other officers) should all strive for, as it not
only makes the work easier, it makes us more effective. Because
they’re brave and hard working, they took the bull by the horns and
just jumped right in, arming themselves with all the tools and
resources they could to be effective officers. They both tried to
come up with different ways to engage. The most exciting and really
innovative concept they had is a project called the Brain Challenge
where they invite folks several times a week to meet in Mitch Park to
enjoy the nice weather, get some exercise and discuss political
matters. What a great idea – so smart
– and such a wonderful example of thinking outside of the box to
keep engagement fresh and fun“.

Congratulations Beth Gerady & Helen Tang!