EDW Releases 2018 Legislative Agenda

The Edmond Democratic Women released a 2018 Legislative Agenda focusing on the following areas: Education, Health/Healthcare Coverage, Criminal Justice, Social Justice, and Budget.


The Edmond Democratic Women’s Club (EDW) supports legislation that will ensure full funding necessary to ensure all children in Oklahoma have access to a quality public education. This would include state funding of teacher pay raises to bring the pay in line with regional averages and more funding for basic needs in the classroom, such as textbooks and classroom supplies.

EDW supports legislation that protects resources and education for women that are necessary for them to make healthy and informed decisions about their bodies. EDW will oppose legislation that deprives women of such resources and education, such as cuts in funding to Planned Parenthood and Community Healthcare Centers. EDW supports legislation to expand Medicaid to ensure coverage for children and elderly, as well as, supporting the healthcare providers across the state. EDW is opposed to adding work requirements to Medicaid coverage. Additionally, EDW supports measures dedicated to providing health insurance for all citizens of Oklahoma at an accessible and affordable amount including access to more than one health insurance provider.

EDW supports criminal justice reform legislation, especially legislation that will lower the incarceration rates for women and provide the training and support needed to reduce recidivation rates of women.

EDW supports legislation that would increase minimum wage to a level that would provide a livable wage for all. EDW opposes legislation which marginalizes or otherwise limits the rights of any individual based on age, race, religion, color, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.

EDW supports restoring the Gross Production to 7%. EDW supports creating a new tax bracket that could allow for increasing the personal income tax on incomes of $150,000 or more. EDW supports increasing the fuel and tobacco taxes to levels that are reasonable and do not significantly increase the burden on those in lower income levels. EDW also supports restoring Oklahoma’s Earned Income Tax Credit and repeal of the Capital Gains’ deduction.

We believe all citizens should be able to live in a safe and civil society and we have an obligation to do what we can to ensure that for future generations; so EDW supports discussion and legislation that will lead to a safe environment for all Oklahomans.