How to Stay Involved with the Blue Wave

by Lindsay Bodman, Co-Chair of Recruit, Train and Select Committee

Edmond Democratic Women volunteers have been very busy supporting Democratic candidates in upcoming elections to fulfill the EDW mission which is to make positive change in the community, the state and the country by leveraging our collective strengths. We will do this by:

• Providing a positive and unified voice from a group of concerned and caring women, educated on the issues;
• Promoting the values of the Democratic Party and supporting those individuals who will represent those values in elected office in our community, our state and at the federal level;
• Providing the support for one another that is needed in this uncertain world.

The Blue Wave takes a lot of work. It takes hours of knocking doors, making phone calls, stuffing envelopes and writing post cards; but together we can work together to make progress and extend the Blue Wave into Edmond.

Our endorsed candidates so far for the 2018 election cycle include:
Drew Edmondson, Governor
William Andrews, SD 22
Julia Kirt, SD 30
Devyn Denton, HD 39
Jackie Phillips, HD 81
Chelsey Branham, HD 83
Kathy Wallis, HD 96

EDW Volunteer Opportunities_August

If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Bodman at