Welcome to the Edmond Democratic Women! This club was formed to connect women in the Edmond area who share the progressive values of the Democratic party and to encourage full participation of women, regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion or nationality in the political process. Through education, communication, advocacy and connecting with one another, we intend to recruit and elect progressive women leaders to positions at all levels of government!

Join us now as the momentum continues to grow to make a difference in the political climate in our community, our state and our country. Our voice is being heard and we intend to persist in promoting and living the values of the Democratic Party. So far members of our club have helped turn two seats BLUE in special elections. This is a club that works —- not just talks!

The following link will take you to our membership application. We ask for a minimum of $25.00 dues, but encourage you to give more if you are able. You will also see a place to designate a membership category. We have to keep track of who in our club are registered Democrats, so please check Category A if that applies to you. We welcome everyone, so if you are not a registered Democrat, please check Category B. A portion of the dues will go to the Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women and to the District Federation of Democratic Women for Central Oklahoma. The remainder of the dues goes to cover club expenses and donations to candidates. The club has no paid staff.

Membership Form