Time to get to work! Primary is June 26!

The primary is upon us—June 26!  Several Democrats are facing primary races and all could use the help of volunteers’ time and dollars. Democratic candidates in Oklahoma County with primary races are listed below as posted on the Oklahoma Election Board’s website.

Now is the time to step up and get involved! Each of these candidates need volunteers for canvassing and phone banking over the next 10 days, so go to their websites or FB pages and find out how you can get involved. We’ve included links to candidates’ websites that were readily available.

Drew Edmondson
Connie Johnson
Lt. Governor:
Anastasia A. Pittman
Anna Dearmore
Commissioner of Labor:
Fred Dorrell
Sam A Mis-Soum
Corporation Commissioner:
Ken Reich
Beau Williams
Blake Cummings
Ashley Nicole McCray
US Representatives – District 05:
Leona Kelley-Leonard
Ed Porter
Elysabeth Britt
Tom Guild
Tyson Todd Meade
Kendra Horn
State Senator, District 30:
Julia Kirt
Larry Dean Buss
State Senator, District 40:
Carri Hicks
Danielle Ezell
State Senator, District 48:
Christine Byrd
George E. Young
State Rep., District 31:
Angela Moffitt-Jones (has pulled out of race, but name still on ballot)
Kara Sawyer
State Rep., District 41:
Tyler Smith
Sara Peterson
Jennie Scott
State Rep., District 83:
Chelsey Braham
Tyler Grey
State Rep., District 84:
Lauren Morris
Joey Rodman
State Rep., District 95:
David AZ Williams
Kelly Albright
Anthony VanDyousefi
State Rep., District 96:
Maegan Heath
Kathy Wallis
State Rep., District 99:
Nkem House
Ajay Pittman
Crentha Sequoya Turner
Steve Davis
State Rep., District 100:
Donald Wentroth
Zach Pearson
State Rep., District 101:
Madeline Scott
John W. McKenna
John Carpenter
Lauren Grotts
County Commissioner, District 1:
Carrie Blumert
Ben M. Janloo
John A. Pettis, Jr.
Al McAffrey