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October 21, 2017 3:55 PM | Anonymous

Following the Democratic Gubernatorial Debate sponsored by the Edmond Democratic Women and Edmond Blue Coalition, Dana Shadid submitted her perspective of “what local Democrats would like to see” as president of EDW to local media. What follows is an abbreviated version:

On behalf of the 200+ members of the Edmond Democratic Women, I share our frustration with the lack of action by our Legislature in completing and passing a budget that adequately funds core services such as education, health care, safety, and infrastructure. The reasons (excuses) we have heard most from those elected to serve are: (1) we can’t raise taxes, (2) we have to trim the waste,  and (3) the leadership will not give us a bill to consider. So, here are our questions to those elected leaders:

  1. Generations that came before us invested in the core services that are supposed to be provided by our government. They did not consider it a burden. They considered it a responsibility to support those things that made their lives better and made the state function effectively. What is your responsibility as our elected representative?
  2. We have studied the budget and it appears that most waste has been cut and no more significant waste has been identified that can be cut without totally devastating our state services. What waste do you want to trim?
  3. If your leadership will not allow any budget bill to be considered, and you support items that are on the table currently, why don’t you get new leadership? If it isn’t leadership, please quit hiding behind that excuse for no action.

We believe in a responsible government that represents all the citizens and is responsive to their needs.  Where is that government?

Edmond Life & Leisure printed the letter in its entirety.

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