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2022 primary candidates and reflections on the races by Dennis Purifoy

May 09, 2022 12:11 PM | Anonymous

Primary candidates running for office in Oklahoma

Here is the list of 2022 primary candidates based on OK State Election Board results. Check out great Democrats running for statewide or legislative offices on the website at 

Dennis Purifoy shared his observations to the Canadian County Democrats on the candidates that filed for office.

  • Democrats will have women at the top of our ticket, for Governor, Lieutenant Gov., Supt. of Public Education, Corp. Commissioner, and at least one of of the U.S. Senate races.
  • We also have a Democrat running for State Treasurer.
  • There's a Democrat in all 5 U.S. House races, with Joshua Harris-Till in the District 5 race, whom many of us have met. He'll be a good candidate. I don't know about the candidate in District 3.
  • A Democrat is running for Labor Commissioner. Also running is Sean The Patriot Roberts, a nut from Hominy now in the legislature. The incumbent, Leslie Osborne, is challenging his name on the ballot. Sounds more like a WWE wrestler. (The challenge was successful and “the patriot “ portion of his name will not be on the ballot)
  • We have Democrats running in Senate District 22 and House District 41!! Blake Aguirre and Mike Bockus. We should support them as much as we can.
  • In our new Senate District 18, and House District 60, we do not have Democrats. In S.D. 18, Jack Stewart's announcement talked about good roads, etc. Hunter Zearley's announcement started by attacking "liberal elites" (in Oklahoma?). I can't vote for Stewart but I'll support him. In District 60, Ron Lynch is running against the incumbent Rhonda Baker. Anyone know anything about Ron Lynch?
  • Annie Menz, a Democrat in Norman, is running for H.D. 45. She used to work for David Perryman. She'll be a good candidate.
  • With 24 State Senate seats on the ballot this year, 12 have only Republicans running and 3 have only Democrats (Michael Brooks is one of those 3). With 100 House seats on the ballot, 60 have only Republicans running and 10 have only Democrats. Democrats have a chance to increase our numbers in both the House and Senate. But in Michael Brooks' opinion, as he told us, the redistricting tended to make red district more red, with blue districts being more blue as a result. So the districts are drawn to favor Republicans, of course, at the expense of purple districts.

It's gonna be a long haul through the Republican primaries and their ads on TV! So let's use our time and dollars and energy to support Democrats where we can.

Dennis Purifoy

Below are important election dates:

June 28: Primary Election

June 3: Voter Registration Deadline

June 13: Absentee Ballot Request Deadline

August 23: Runoff Primary Elections

July 29: Voter Registration Deadline

August 8: Absentee Ballot Deadline

November 8: General Election

October 14: Voter Registration Deadline

October 24: Absentee Ballot Deadline

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