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May 30, 2022 6:43 PM | Anonymous

Food for Thought

At the May candidate forum, a woman was overheard saying, "I am beginning to feel about this election season the same way I was feeling in 2016, and I don't like it. I want to be involved and I want to do something."

Most of us know exactly what this woman was trying to say. It has been one negative blow after another it seems. The absolutely appalling the lack of decorum, common courtesy and common sense, and the perpetration of disinformation that citizens deal with. It makes your shake your head in wonder.

It is really easy for us to think that we have no chance of making any difference anytime soon. Why should we even try?

Mainly because we have learned from experience and from history that bad things happen when good people sit and do nothing. Each candidate at the forum impressed upon us that we must:




So, we are serious when we ask you to think about the upcoming election. Educate yourself about the issues and the candidates. Do something to help every candidate that you support. Speak out. Write a letter to the editor or to a friend. Volunteer to do phone or text banking (It's so easy!), write postcards, knock doors, or drive for a candidate.

Donating to campaigns is equally important. If you are able, liberally apply your money to the candidates you deem worthy.

Exercise your precious right to vote. We can be heard. We can make a difference. We CAN flip this state!

Because, as Benjamin Franklin said, "The good that we can do together surpasses the good that we can do alone."

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