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Cleanup Ok has Rally at Capitol, Gov. mansion, Epic Charter school and Swadleys

May 30, 2022 7:51 PM | Anonymous

Take out the Trash Tour” by Clean Up Oklahoma a Huge Success

Wednesday night, about 65 cars met at the Capitol and toured the Governor’s Mansion , Epic Charter Schools and Swadley’s Barbeque, the epicenters of corruption in the state.

Clean Up Oklahoma organized the event, with the The Clean It Up Truck displaying their intent to “stop corruption” and “take out the trash” in 2022.

“Our goal is to increase the attention and awareness of the corruption that’s going on and the fact that the voters are fed up with it,” said Clean Up Oklahoma Chairwoman Cindy Alexander.

Clean up Oklahoma started the campaign on Candidate filing day at the Capitol and many of our members were there to help distribute petitions asking all Oklahoma state candidates and elected officials to sign their anti-corruption pledge, which asks for politicians to stop cashing in at the taxpayers’ expense, increase transparency by requiring politicians to disclose their tax returns and conflicts of interest, stop secret meetings, undisclosed gifts and failures to comply with the state’s open records act, clean up elections by getting big money out of politics and preventing politicians from handpicking their own voters, and return power to voters and protect the people’s right to vote on important issues.

Vehicles in the convoy hung mops and cleaning rags out of their windows to further make their point. About 20 percent of candidates and elected officials have signed the pledge on their website. Here is a link to their website, which I found to be very interesting reading. 

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