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Voter, Education, Strategy Tips VEST

May 30, 2022 7:58 PM | Anonymous

VEST Tips from Gubernatorial Candidate Connie Johnson

Gubernatorial Candidate Connie Johnson Shared these VEST TIPS with us:

Voting Education Strategy Tips (Vest)

Elections—-The Time For All:

  • To Step Up
  • To Participate
  • To Educate Others About The Responsibility And Duty To Vote!
  • To Help Identify What Matters Most To Them And How Their Votes Affect It
  • To Get Self And Others Registered
  • To Get Every Registered Voter To Also "Just Apply" To Vote By Mail
  • To Conduct Voter Education
  • To Ensure That Every Eligible Person Actually Votes

2014: Only 29% Of Registered Voters Voted; Oklahoma Ranks #4 In Unregistered Eligible Voters With 54% Unregistered.

To Educate People About:

  1. Felony Voting
  2. Deferred Sentences
  3. Voting In Jail
  4. Voting While Unhoused
  5. Emergency Voting
  6. 17 1/2 Year Old Registration

To Share Deadlines:

  • To Register: 24 Days Before Election Day
  • To Request A Mail-In Ballot: 15 Days Before Election Day
  • To Hand Deliver Mail-In Ballots To County Election Board (Ceb) M-F, 8a To 5p, Up Until 5p The Day Before Election Day
  • To Mail-In (Or Courier) Ballot - Ceb Must Receive Before 7p On Election Day
  • To Vote In-Person Absentee At The Ceb, Th 8a-6p (Statewide), Fri 8a-6p & Sat 9a-2p (Local)
  • To Vote On Election Day At Polling, Site: 7a – 7p

To Know Voting Strategies

Why Apply To Vote By Mail/Absentee:

  1. Confirms Registration
  2. Receive Ballot Approximately 3-6 Weeks Before Every Election
  3. Always Know About Every Election
  4. Allows Advance Study Of Candidates & Questions
  5. Allows Voters To Discuss And Mark The Ballot Beforehand
  6. Allows Hand Delivery (See Above)
  7. Enables Tracking A Ballot’s Receipt & Counting By The Election Board

Notary Requirement

Rights Of People With Disabilities (Incapacitated Voters) & Their Caregivers:

  1. Ballots Only Need Be Witnessed/Do Not Require Notary
  2. Cannot Hand Deliver To Ceb
  3. Can Vote From The Car:
    • At The Ceb On Early Voting Days
    • At Their Regular Polling Site On Election Day

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