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What’s the Point? Ok Legislative Session in review by Anna Stuck

June 15, 2022 7:05 PM | Anonymous

What's the point?

by Anna Stuck

Sine Die of the legislative session has come and gone again. I have been paying closer attention to the legislative happenings since joining EDW and I have to say every year at this time I feel my thoughts returning to a familiar theme, “What’s the Point”? We live with a super-majority Republican state legislator. They have no need to listen to what we have to say in support of progressive policy. Maybe you’ve mumbled it to yourself after a phone call or two. So I humbly offer you three reasons to make the call or write the email even when you know it won’t change any minds.

  1. To dispel the “everyone” myth. Sometimes all we can hope for is to make sure our elected officials cannot truthfully say “no one told me.” We are taking plausible deniability off the table for those in power. Also consider your audience. Maybe it’s not so much about the elected official ignoring you but the neighbor who sees you standing in solidarity for their rights and their place at the table.
  2. To be a good ancestor. When you email the governor there is a little disclaimer that they will be keeping your contact in their records. I’d very much like my descendants to be able to see what I stood for should any of them turn out to be history buffs and/or intrepid researchers. Put yourself on the record for what you believe in.
  3. To strengthen our advocacy muscles. We can do hard things. When we advocate in places where we are not appreciated or listened to, consider it a resistance workout for your advocacy. In this arena it’s not about the battles we won today but developing our strength for the battles to come. Especially the advocacy we do outside the capitol in our communities and with our neighbors.

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