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  • August 13, 2022 7:28 PM | Anonymous

    EDW Members Register Voters With Canadian County Dems At Indian Nations Cheyenne/ Arapaho Powwow Near Concho And At The Downtown Edmond Sunny Dayyz Mural Festival

    Over 30 new or updated voter registrations occurred at the Indian Nations powwow and another 25 at the Sunny Dayz mural festival with EDW partnering with Let’s Fix This. Registering voters, voter engagement and Get Out The Vote is how we elect Democrats.

  • August 13, 2022 7:23 PM | Anonymous

    Are you looking for an impactful way to get involved this election cycle? Becoming a Campaign Liaison could be just what you are looking for!

    What does a campaign liaison do?
    • Make connection with assigned campaign representatives
    • Identify best campaign contact person for ongoing communication
    • Be familiar with Mini-Van and other tools available for campaigning, especially virtual campaigning
    • Work with the campaign to identify all of the volunteer opportunities for EDW members from now until November 3rd, including:  Phone banking, text banking, literature dropping, postcard writing, sign delivery, or door knocking
    • Identify dates and times of Campaign Days of Action
    • Share campaign volunteer opportunities with EDW members via Facebook or email
    • Encourage EDW members to volunteer for campaign activities by texting or emailing interested members as needed
    • Be a presence at campaign activities where EDW members are volunteering
    • Encourage the candidate to attend EDW General meetings
    • Thank EDW members for volunteering for campaign events
    • Attend EDW Recruit, Support and Elect Campaign Liaison meeting(s)

    What a campaign liaison does not do:

    • Organize activities for the campaign, e.g. website, talking points for volunteers, cutting turf for contacting voters for door knocking or lit dropping and phone banking, creating scripts, setting dates and times for days of action
    If you are interested in becoming a campaign liaison, please email Recruit, Support, Elect Chair, JoBeth Moad, at
  • August 13, 2022 7:21 PM | Anonymous

    OK County Democratic Party August Volunteerism Challenge

    The Oklahoma County Democratic Party Has An August Challenge Of Volunteerism!

    Edw Members Lets Step Up ,Volunteer And Post On Ocdp Social Media And Let’s Win This Challenge!

  • August 13, 2022 7:18 PM | Anonymous

    Hello Members and Precinct Officers!

    It is Election Season and we have so many wonderful Candidates to help! This is our time to shine!

    Door knocking, texting, registering, teaching and advocating for vote by mail are just a few ways to help get out the vote for November!

    If you are a Precinct officer, get an updated list of the Democrats in your area to start informing them of the importance of voting Nov 8th!

    Every person we remind to vote is important.

    Every volunteer we gather is potential to turn the tide.

    Every engagement is impactful.

    Every hour we spend working for our party could help reach the goal of a better Oklahoma for us and future generations. Our House and Senate Democrats work tirelessly for us, its our time to support them by volunteering today!

    We have 3 months. Let’s do this!

  • August 13, 2022 7:14 PM | Anonymous

    The Recruit, Support, And Elect Committee Make Endorsement Recommendations To The Edw Board And The Board Brings Recommendations To Our Membership To Vote On MONDAY, 8-15-22

    The Recruit, Support, and Elect Committee, chaired by Jo Beth Moad, made the following recommendations of Democratic Candidate Endorsement to the EDW Board and the Board voted to bring them to the General Membership Meeting on 8-15-22 for approval with a recommendation of do pass. These 19 candidates have applied to EDW for endorsement, filled out an application, and have been interviewed by the RSE committee and the RSE committee has recommended endorsement by our 337 members of EDW. Now is the time for our members to volunteer and help get these incredible candidates elected!

    • Kendra Horn - US Senate (Inhofe Seat)
    • Joshua Harris Till - US Congressional District 5
    • Joy Hofmeister - Governor
    • Melinda Alizadeh-Fard - Lieutenant Governor
    • Jena Nelson - State Superintendent
    • Warigia Bowman - OK Corporation Commission
    • Cathy Cummings - District 3 County Commissioner
    • Vicki Behenna - OK County DA
    • Brandon Kirkpatrick - OK County Treasurer
    • Nick Singer - OK County Assessor
    • Carri Hicks - OK Senate Dist. 40
    • Julia Kirt - OK Senate Dist. 30
    • Blake Aguirre - OK Senate Dist. 22
    • Greg Clyde - OK House Dist. 83
    • Ellyn Hefner - OK House Dist. 87
    • Tegan Malone - OK House Dist. 95
    • Nana Dankwa - OK House Dist. 90
    • Chaunte` Gilmore - OK House Dist. 100
    • Mike Bockus - OK House Dist. 41
  • August 13, 2022 7:09 PM | Anonymous

    Edmond Community Center

    28 East First

    You won't want to miss the August 15 meeting of Edmond Democratic Women for two very important reasons. First, we will be presented with the list of candidates that have been recommended by the EDW Board for endorsement, and the members will be asked to approve the selection. 

    You can be present in person, Facebook live or come by zoom. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 829 5168 1914 Passcode: 470860

    Second, H.J. Reed, a former lobbyist with decades of experience in legislative, regulatory, and political activities in 14 states in the Mid-Continent region of the United States for Phillips 66 and who also served as a member of the Bartlesville Leadership Team will be our featured speaker. He is currently the Executive Chairman of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Economic Club of Oklahoma. H.J. is also a member of the Board of Governors for the Oklahoma State University Foundation, a graduate of Leadership Bartlesville Class I and Leadership Oklahoma Class XII.

    You will want to hear what he has to say about the current political situation in Oklahoma, and you will no doubt be energized and inspired by his speech to get fired up about the upcoming mid-term elections in November.

    We are getting so excited about the very real possibility of flipping our state from red to purple or blue. We CAN do it, but it is not going to be easy. It will take every single member becoming active in some way. Please start thinking about what you plan to do to help during our September meeting. Which candidate(s) will you support with your time and effort?

  • August 13, 2022 7:04 PM | Anonymous

    EDW Members Showup To Canvas For Senator Julia Kirt, Kendra Horn And To The First Town Hall "People Over Politics" With Kendra Horn

  • August 13, 2022 7:02 PM | Anonymous

    Recruit, Support, Elect Committee has been Interviewing Candidates for EDW Endorsement

    JoBeth Moad, chair of the Recruit, Support, and Elect Committee and her committee have been interviewing 18 candidates that are the democratic nominee in the Edmond Area, Oklahoma County or state and national races in November. RSE will make a recommendation to the EDW Board of Directors as to an EDW endorsement at their meeting August 8th and the Board will bring a recommendation as to what level of endorsement EDW has the resources available in volunteer time with liaisons and committees, monetary or Endorsement only, to the whole membership to vote on at the August 15thmeeting. So please come and be prepared to vote on endorsement of these Democratic candidates.

  • August 13, 2022 6:59 PM | Anonymous

    The Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women is having a True Blue Rally at Cole’s Community Center on Saturday, August 27th and EDW is a sponsor. If you are interested in attending, please contact Krista Jones, as EDW has a limited number of tickets for our members to attend. Let’s support the Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women.

  • August 13, 2022 6:56 PM | Anonymous

    Kansas Voters Reject Constitutional Amendment That Removes Abortion Rights

    Can Oklahoma Do The Same?

    On Tuesday, 8-2-22, Kansans rejected a right wing ballot initiative to remove abortion access from the state constitution by a huge margin 66-34% with 316,500 voters showing up at the polls to let their voices be heard. This sets the tone for mid term elections in November. The turnout was historic in both rural and urban counties. A broad coalition of organizations and stakeholders came together to make this happen.

    The Democratic Party made 30,000 calls to voters and sent 130,000 text messages to Kansas voters to mobilize and get out the vote. It worked! When women turn out to fight for abortion access- it’s a win. In the Oklahoman this week Tamya Cox-Toure, the director of ACLU of Oklahoma and co-chair of the Oklahomans Call for Reproductive Justice said that Kansans for Constitutional Freedom that urged voters to oppose the constitutional amendment have created a blueprint for states to win on abortion rights at the ballot box.

    Emily Wales, President of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, which serves OK, KS, AK, and MS said “We are committed to long term fights.” It is too late for an initiative petition for this November, but it could be possible in November in 2024, the Presidential election. Initiative Petition signatures are based on a percentage of votes in the last gubernatorial election 2018 which was 1,145,552. Referendum Petitions that allow citizens to refer a law that the legislature has passed to a ballot vote for voters to uphold or repeal, requires 5%. Initiative petitions collect enough signatures from registered voters to qualify for a ballot vote after turning it in to the County Election Officials and verified by the Secretary of State takes 8% of the 2018 Governor’s election. An initiative Petition for a Constitutional Change takes 15% or approximately 171,833 based on 2018. 2022 election, of course will have new numbers with the new Governor’s election. 

    So State Question 820 to legalize recreational marijuana turned in 164,000 signatures last month for their ballot initiative, when they needed 94,000 for it to be placed on this November election, which is being checked by the election board and verified by the Secretary of State. These requirements are stated in Title 34 of the Oklahoma Statute, Article 5 and 24 of the Oklahoma Constitution. Depending on the wording of the petition, which will take all of the coalitions to work together will determine the percentage required for voters to sign. 

    Organizations and stake holders may already be looking at the Kansas blueprint to determine if it may work in Oklahoma? I know that Oklahomans care about Women’s Reproductive Health, and we care about Justice, and we care about the rights and freedoms written in the Declaration of Independence, and like Kansas, if we show up, we can win.

    OpEd by Krista Jones

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