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  • September 29, 2019 1:20 PM | Anonymous

    “Hard Work, Determination, Innovation”

    The Oklahoma County Democratic Party Officers recognized EDW members, Beth Gerady and Helen Tang, for ‘Democrats Doing Good’. This was announced during the September OK County Dems Monthly Meeting held right here in Edmond at the Public Library. Here is a little of what Carol Chappell, the Secretary of the Oklahoma County Democratic Party said ~

    "These two women are co-officers in their precinct and have done a spectacular job of working together, collaborating, sharing ideas and just supporting each other. This is something all of us (who are lucky enough to share duties with other officers) should all strive for, as it not only makes the work easier, it makes us more effective. Because they’re brave and hard working, they took the bull by the horns and just jumped right in, arming themselves with all the tools and resources they could to be effective officers. They both tried to come up with different ways to engage. The most exciting and really innovative concept they had is a project called the Brain Challenge where they invite folks several times a week to meet in Mitch Park to enjoy the nice weather, get some exercise and discuss political matters. What a great idea – so smart – and such a wonderful example of thinking outside of the box to keep engagement fresh and fun".

    Congratulations Beth Gerady & Helen Tang!

  • April 06, 2018 4:04 PM | Anonymous

    Edmond Democratic Women has been active in supporting Oklahoma educators (and students) during the teacher walkout. Many members have been at the Capitol, calling legislators, and organizing efforts to provide food for students by assisting Project 66. On Monday, April 9, 2018, EDW will have a table with donuts and water as part of the Footsteps for Funding Edmond United to support Edmond teachers in their walk to the Capitol.

  • March 18, 2018 12:14 PM | Anonymous

    The members of Edmond Democratic Women (EDW) are committed to preventing future violence in America’s schools. EDW supports the “Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence in the United States of America” (in PDF link below). The members join their voices with the authors of this document to recommend policymakers take a public health approach to protecting children and adults from gun violence. This approach includes three levels of prevention:

    1. Universal approaches promoting safety and well-being for everyone;
    2. Practices for reducing risk and promoting protective factors for persons experiencing difficulties; and
    3. Interventions for individuals where violence is present or appears

    EDW believes Oklahoma legislators should promptly draft legislation that addresses these priority items:

    1. Require all schools to assess school climate and maintain physically and emotionally safe conditions and positive school environments that protect all students and adults from bullying, discrimination, harassment and
    2. Pass a ban on assault-style weapons, high-capacity ammunition clips, and products that modify semi-automatic firearms to enable them to function like automatic

    As you review the attached Call to Action you will note that this is just the beginning, but it is a very holistic approach to finding a cure for the epidemic of violence spreading through our schools and our communities. PLEASE consider these well-researched suggestions to make Oklahoma a safer place to live and raise a family.

    EDW Position on Prevention of Gun Violence (PDF)

  • March 16, 2018 11:30 AM | Anonymous

    Edmond Democratic Women’s Position on Oklahoma’s Education Crisis:

    Edmond Democratic Women (EDW) is committed to making Oklahoma a dynamic and prosperous state, now and in the future, with opportunity for all. Education is the cornerstone to secure and perpetuate success and prosperity through an informed, independent and self-reliant citizenry. Investment in education is an investment in Oklahoma’s future.

    EDW believes, at a minimum, Oklahoma must restore the 7% Gross Production Tax and implement recurring and sustainable economic policies to fund a thriving public education system.

    EDW strongly supports public education, including the teachers, support staff and resources. EDW will continue to support ideas and candidates who are committed to public education and its importance to Oklahoma.

    The Edmond Democratic Women’s club was formed after the 2016 election by a small group of less than twenty like-minded women. Since that time, EDW has grown to nearly 300 members and continues to grow each month. EDW devotes its time and resources to the support and recruitment of candidates, education, communication, advocacy and membership growth.

    EDW Position On Education Crisis (PDF)

  • October 21, 2017 3:55 PM | Anonymous

    Following the Democratic Gubernatorial Debate sponsored by the Edmond Democratic Women and Edmond Blue Coalition, Dana Shadid submitted her perspective of “what local Democrats would like to see” as president of EDW to local media. What follows is an abbreviated version:

    On behalf of the 200+ members of the Edmond Democratic Women, I share our frustration with the lack of action by our Legislature in completing and passing a budget that adequately funds core services such as education, health care, safety, and infrastructure. The reasons (excuses) we have heard most from those elected to serve are: (1) we can’t raise taxes, (2) we have to trim the waste,  and (3) the leadership will not give us a bill to consider. So, here are our questions to those elected leaders:

    1. Generations that came before us invested in the core services that are supposed to be provided by our government. They did not consider it a burden. They considered it a responsibility to support those things that made their lives better and made the state function effectively. What is your responsibility as our elected representative?
    2. We have studied the budget and it appears that most waste has been cut and no more significant waste has been identified that can be cut without totally devastating our state services. What waste do you want to trim?
    3. If your leadership will not allow any budget bill to be considered, and you support items that are on the table currently, why don’t you get new leadership? If it isn’t leadership, please quit hiding behind that excuse for no action.

    We believe in a responsible government that represents all the citizens and is responsive to their needs.  Where is that government?

    Edmond Life & Leisure printed the letter in its entirety.

  • June 01, 2017 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    What began as eight like-minded women in a suburban Oklahoma living room shortly after the November 2016 election, the Edmond Democratic Women group has exploded into a community of women passionate about changing the political outcome for the better. Like a fish swimming upstream, we are a blue force in a very red state.

    Those original eight women left that November meeting with hopes of putting together a group of 35-40 like-minded women who could possibly make a difference in the future of Edmond and Oklahoma politics. They set a goal to reach out via email with anyone in the Edmond area that might be of a similar leaning when it came to politics about a January meeting at Dana Shadid’s home. With only a word of mouth movement, 52 women packed into Shadid’s living room on January 23, 2017.

    Many were motivated to come because of anger at the elected officials and the momentum created by the Women’s Marches the weekend prior. All were there to learn more about this group that they hoped could make a difference in the political environment that existed. All in attendance were asked to share their hopes for a group such as this (on paper because there were too many passionate women to be able to verbally share their thoughts). With that, they set another meeting date for February and charged with recruiting even more women.

    From the meeting on January 23 to the meeting on February 12, the list of interested women had increased to 110. And after the February meeting, the list was up to 150. Word was spreading quickly about this group of women IN EDMOND, a very red community. Many came from outside Edmond because they had no such resource – or support group – in their port of Oklahoma County or Logan County. Again, all communication had been by word of mouth only, and the newest challenge was finding a place to meet for a group that large. Luckily, one of the members lived at a retirement home, Bradford Village, and secured meeting spaces for a group that continued to grow with each meeting.

    All of the ‘infrastructure” of the organization was put in place with officers elected, by-laws written, committees created and dues established. Excellent speakers were recruited for the meetings and the word of a large and active group of Democratic Women in Edmond, Oklahoma (of all places) was spreading throughout the state. Speakers were ASKING to come and address our group. Committee members were actively reaching out to legislators about issues and concerns and others were working on behalf of Democratic candidates facing elections.

    As of the date of this writing (September 2017), there are over 325 individuals (men and women) on the master list and, of those, over 170 have officially joined and paid their dues. This for a group that was only a dream of eight women a mere 10 months earlier.

    The rapidity of the growth has at times been challenging, but the size of the group when all are together continues to be impressive and rewarding for all those who have joined. There is no question that the timing was right for such a movement in Edmond. The founders just had no idea that there would be so many eager activists wanting to be a part of it.

    When one of the members was asked why she was a member her response was “This is a group that doesn’t just meet. It acts.” The Edmond Democratic Women is already making a positive impact on our community, our state and our country, and we’re are only getting started.

    ~ Dana Shadid

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