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  • September 12, 2022 6:44 PM | Anonymous
    As presented in last week’s newsletter where we highlighted the state and national endorsed EDW candidates, this week, we are highlighting our County endorsed candidates, Vicki Behenna for OK County DA, Cathy Cummings for OK County Commissioner D3, Nick Singer for OK County Assessor, and Brandon Kirkpatrick for OK County Treasurer.

    EDW Endorses Vicki Behenna for Oklahoma County District Attorney

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Vicki Behenna, a Democratic candidate for Oklahoma County District Attorney. Vicki shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe she is uniquely qualified to represent all Oklahomans. For more information about Vicki or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website


    With over 30 years of legal experience, Oklahoma County District Attorney candidate Vicki Behenna has witnessed the virtues – and shortcomings – of our criminal justice system.

    “I’m running to bring balance, justice and leadership to the position,” said Behenna. “I’ve never run for office before, and I’m certainly not a politician. I did serve as a prosecutor for over 25 years in the U.S. Attorney office, and have spent the last eight years on the other side of the courtroom as a defense attorney. I’ve seen justice occur when all sides come together to make sure punishment fits the crime, and I’ve also seen injustice served when human beings make mistakes and those mistakes are not considered for political or personal reasons. My fight is for justice for all involved and society as a whole.”

    As a federal prosecutor, Behenna was involved in several high profile cases – including the successful prosecution of Timothy McVeigh, who initiated the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.

    “My work on the Murrah Building attack was to find justice for 168 innocent lives lost,” said Behenna. “That was also my first real experience in the use of the vast resources of the FBI’s forensic lab to facilitate a criminal investigation.It was an honor to work closely with both federal and local law enforcement to investigate and apprehend the persons responsible for that horrific act.”

    Behenna’s work in the U.S. Attorney’s office also involved the investigation and prosecution of multiple high profile elected officials involved in fraud and corruption, both Democratic and Republican.

    Following her outstanding work as a prosecutor, Behenna changed her career path in 2014 to become a defense attorney.

    “In 2009 I had a personal experience with a close family member wherein forensic evidence that could have been used to exonerate the accused was instead hidden in an attempt to secure his conviction. It was that experience that led to my retirement as a federal prosecutor, and desire to work with the Oklahoma Innocence Project.”

    In 2015 she was named Executive Director of the Oklahoma Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to identifying and remedying cases of wrongful convictions in Oklahoma. Bringing together OCU Law students to work with attorneys and the legal director, OKIP pursues only cases in which there is credible evidence of actual innocence. She resigned from the organization in 2022 to devote her time to her campaign.

    "I think people don't really understand how valuable our liberty is until you watch somebody have their liberty taken away," said Behenna. "My work at the Innocence Project was the hardest, most challenging legal work I have ever done.

    “I don’t come from a wealthy family. I was the second person in my family ever to go to college, first person ever to go to law school. I emphasize that when I talk to members of the community because I want them to understand that you can do anything. You can make a change.”

    In addition to legal research and court activity, Vicki’s work with the Innocence Project has led her to testify before the U.S. Congress and advocate for recent legislation at the State Capitol on best practices regarding forensic science, interrogations and the misidentification of innocent people. Two pieces of bipartisan legislation championed by Behenna and allies were recently signed into state law by Governor Kevin Stitt.

    Vicki and her husband Scott, a retired OSBI agent and FBI terrorism analyst, have been married for over 43 years. They have lived in Oklahoma County for 41 years and are the proud parents of 3 sons: a doctor, a lawyer and a rancher.

    This information was taken from Vicki’s website.

    EDW Endorses Cathy Cummings for County Commissioner District 3

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Cathy Cummings a Democratic candidate for County Commissioner District 3. Cathy shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe she is uniquely qualified to represent all Oklahomans. For more information about Cathy or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website.


    Cathy Cummings has been married to her husband Sean Cummings over 20 years. They have raised 5 children together. Cathy Cummings has led an exciting life. Not only for being a wife and Mother. She is also a celebrity restaurant owner here in Oklahoma. Vito’s Ristorante has been a successful restaurant for 18 years. What you don’t hear much about Cathy Cummings is her devotion to Community and Public service. Every year, Cathy serves up to 6,000 people at the Red Andrews Christmas dinner. She started a Pine Pantry at Andrew Johnson Early Childhood Development Center. And makes sure it is always fully stocked for anyone in need. She collects and distributes trunk loads of school supplies to all of the schools in and around The Village. She helped distribute several tons of food and 1000’s of masks during Covid.

    Her political life has also been pretty exciting.

    Cathy Cummings, also known as “The Mayor” to her Village residents and friends, has served on the Village City Council since 2016. She has also served as Vice Mayor and Mayor.

    Cathy knows that she can take her experience from the City level, to The County level. And save taxpayers money while doing a high-quality job with honesty and integrity.


    Making life better for the folks that live in The Village has always been her top priority.

    • Re-building all 7 Parks
    • Re-building Britton Road
    • Re-paving miles of roads
    • Building miles of new sidewalks
    • Large-scale Drainage projects
    • Promoting new businesses
    • Starting a Farmer’s Market
    • Hosting family friendly events: Yoga in The Park, Easter Egg Hunts, Movies in the Park, Festivals, Bike rides,
    • Starting The Pine Pantry
    • Hosting Blood Drives

    This information was taken from Cathy’s website.

    EDW Endorses Nick Singer for Oklahoma County Accessor

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Nick Singer, a democratic candidate for Oklahoma County Assessor. Nick shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe he is uniquely qualified to represent Oklahoma County. For more information about Nick or to volunteer to help with his campaign efforts, please visit his website.


    Nick is a real estate professional, a developer, economist and strategic leader focused on changing the status quo and what is possible. Nick grew up living up and down the east coast. As the son of a navy veteran, Nick learned firsthand the sacrifice that goes into service.

    After graduating from Penn State with degrees in Math and Economics, Nick moved to Oklahoma to begin his career in live event production. Nick has produced some of the largest events in Oklahoma history. The Oklahoma Centennial Kick-off in Guthrie, broadcasting Devon Energy’s worldwide town hall meetings, Sonic Drive-In’s only Oklahoma-based franchisee meeting, the NBA Finals Media Conferences and President Obama’s signature energy policy speech in Cushing, OK are among the many events he has provided consultation, technology design and logistics, and the live event production.

    During this time, Nick got involved in the community. Board work and community commitments included Leadership Oklahoma City, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and First Unitarian Church. Nick started his family in Oklahoma and has two children in Oklahoma public schools.

    After that career, Nick moved into politics. Starting as a campaign volunteer and becoming a grassroots candidate himself, Nick over performed on limited resources in challenging political environments. Building volunteer, data-driven campaigns and knocking thousands of doors, he found talking directly with voters is a clear recipe for changing the discourse and popularizing ideas.

    Nick’s greatest strength is his ability to navigate the worlds of the insider and the outsider. As a lobbyist, he has worked directly with a variety of policymakers, legislators and interests to craft public policy. As an activist, he has researched, read and worked in spaces driving conversations from the outside to the mainstream. As a candidate and campaign worker, he has talked directly with and made the case to thousands of voters on their doorstep across many issues.

    As a community leader, Nick understands the pressures facing families and can meet people where they are at after hundreds of conversations individually and in groups across the state. His friends and family have faced the challenges many of us experience in Oklahoma and he is ready to meet the challenge. Nick wants to get

    back to an effective, transparent government that works for every Oklahoman, not just the wealthy and powerful.


    Community - Fixing the Oklahoma County Jail

    Oklahoma County is a diverse and growing community with an attractive mix of urban and rural communities. Many of us are pleased with the progress over the last few decades but we also fall short in glaring ways.

    With the OK County Jail, we have to stop sending good money after bad outcomes. The OK County Jail is the County’s biggest asset and it has been a disaster for 30 years. Overcrowded, understaffed and poorly built, politicians and civic leaders have kicked the can down the road for years. We have to fix it.

    We need a new jail building but we also need to invest in separate diversion, treatment and support facilities for people who struggle, not more incarceration.

    Equity - Equitable Assessment, Transparency, and Accountability

    As someone who is fiscally responsible, voters need a watchdog to know where their tax dollars are going. While the Assessor’s website is considered accessible, it is trapped in the early 2000’s for design and user friendliness.

    I pledge to use the assessor's office to let taxpayers know where their dollars are going. Property assessment fills a lot of buckets and taxpayers deserve to know where their tax money is going and if it is to the uses they want to see.

    There is also a tale of two taxpayers playing out in our community. Taxpayers in downtown OKC get to focus their property taxes on projects in their area while the rest of us support the common good. My opponent used to talk about this but has grown quiet on matters like Tax Increment Financing and other ways we could address the jail situation other than committing years of property tax bonds to it.

    As County Assessor, I will make assessments more equitable. If you have concerns about your assessment, we need to make it possible for everyone to question it, not just those with resources.

    Investment - Invest in ourselves and County Social Programs

    The Assessor’s office is ground zero for property valuation and seeing trends before anyone else. While Oklahoma County has grown dramatically and diversely, our housing stock, social services, and other programs have not. A recent housing study done by Oklahoma City shows we are lacking in quantity and quality of affordable housing. The Assessor should be a leading voice in development trends and shine a light on challenges in our community. We need an Assessor that is making it easier to address urgent needs, not sitting on their hands waiting for someone to come to them.

    The Assessor sits at the table on many real estate and development discussions. We need an assessor that is looking out for the value of all properties.

    The Assessor can use data and facts to see where our community needs investment, make recommendations around where money is currently going to where it should be going and weigh-in appropriately.

    This information was taken from Nick’s website.

    EDW  Endorses Brandon Kirkpatrick for OK County Treasurer

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Brandon Kirkpatrick a Democratic candidate for Oklahoma County Treasurer. Brandon shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe he is uniquely qualified to represent all Oklahomans. For more information about Brandon or to volunteer to help with his campaign efforts, please visit his website.


    I am a husband, father, local business person, and social advocate. I grew up in Oklahoma City and Edmond, where I graduated from Edmond North High School. While in High School, I was fortunate to attend and graduate from our local vocational program, an educational experience that has blessed my life and laid the foundation for my future success.

    At 16, I met my wife and best friend, Stephenie. We knew early that our life would be perfect as long as we had the other, and we recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. In 2004, just days after having our first daughter, we moved to Bethany, where we live today, and have three amazing children. Our kids attend Bethany Public Schools, where my wife works as the assistant librarian for elementary and middle schools. We attend Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene and love how they have challenged us to live our lives actively, loving our neighbors.

    I have dedicated my professional life to supporting local businesses, especially manufacturing in Oklahoma and the surrounding states. This experience has taught me how to work with diverse groups of people for common goals. My business success has been because of my focus on surrounding myself with others motivated to bring the needed changes for the business and themselves. I have found that success requires exploring all possible outcomes with the people best informed on the problem and desired outcome, the worker.

    In 2019, I saw a documentary by Viola Davis called "The Last Defense," which featured Julius Jones, a victim of the racial injustices built into the American justice system. He was incarcerated for murder at just 19 years old, despite compelling evidence that he was wrongfully convicted. I was inspired by Julius's story and started working for the Justice for Julius coalition. Last November, I helped lead the nationwide movement that saved his life and will continue this fight until Julius is home where he belongs.

    I am running for Oklahoma County Treasurer because I believe our city needs someone willing to speak up for our community. Someone that has made their career helping our state's businesses and residents evolve and grow. Someone that knows what it takes to speak up for our most vulnerable and has the fortitude to stand firm until our communities goals have been achieved. Someone that is only beholden to the people of Oklahoma County, not the political party or the people in power.

    If elected, I will be a vote on the County's nine-person budget board, and my vote will be the people's vote! I will vote to fund projects that benefit our community. I will bring the people in the community impacted by decisions made to the table so that every voice can be heard and all can understand the impact of our political choices.

    I want to be your next Oklahoma County Treasurer. I want to change the trajectory of our state. I want to help better fund education at all levels in all communities in Oklahoma County. I want to fund diversion programs that would allow the mentally ill and those suffering from drug addiction to get the help needed to be functioning members of our community instead of punishing them. I want to be Oklahoma County Treasurer because I believe in our community, and I believe change starts with each of us getting involved.


    Accountability: Collecting Taxes and identifying ways to raise revenue while ensuring that our county agencies and tax dollars are properly accounted for.

    I have spent the last 17 years working with our state's most prominent companies and many local businesses, helping them reach their budget goals while adding revenue to their bottom line. I have managed multi-million dollar budgets and understand how to run a business successfully. My career has prepared me to be Oklahoma County Treasurer. It has taught me how to manage a budget and support projects that add revenue to fund growth and further capital. If elected as Treasurer, I will bring this same tenacity for success for Oklahoma County. I will work to fund programs and projects needed in our community. Programs that will bring in jobs and help to develop and restore neighborhoods critical to Oklahoma County's future.

    Transparency: Ensuring that the taxpayers of Oklahoma County know where and how their tax dollars are being spent and creating equitable and accessible ways to have questions and concerns addressed.

    Most people do not understand what the Oklahoma County Treasurer does, and to me that is a lack of transparency. In 2020, the County Commissioners, jail trust, and budget board attempted to misappropriate 40 million dollars into the county jail. Community members fought back to ensure that CAREs act funds go back to the people in the form of rental and utility assistance and small-business and non-profit relief grants. This is the perfect example of the lack of accountability and transparency and shows the need for responsible spending in Oklahoma County.

    Responsible Spending: Ensuring with my vote on the budget board, that county dollars are only spent in the most equitable and beneficial ways for constituents. Citizen-led spending is key to an inclusive budget. Hosting meetings and working with the communities that are impacted the most can deliver success.

    This information was taken from Brandon’s website.

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    EDW Endorses Melinda Alizadeh-Fard for Lt Governor

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Melinda Alizadeh-Fard a Democratic candidate for Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor. Melinda shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe she is uniquely qualified to represent all Oklahomans. For more information about Melinda or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website


    Like many Oklahomans, I have been concerned about the divisive and exclusionary rhetoric that is increasingly present in our state’s politics...

    I have also been concerned about the recent political scandals regarding the financial improprieties that have been unearthed regarding contracts the state has entered into with private companies. The recent revelation that Oklahoma’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell was directly involved in the scandal regarding the Swadley Barbecue’s contract with the State Department of Tourism, and failed to perform the duties of his office.

    I am running for Lieutenant Governor to restore transparency and accountability to our Government. My priorities for Oklahoma include improving public education in our state, keeping our people healthy, and finding cures, as well as respecting all Oklahomans, and recognizing the Sovereignty of our tribes. These things need to happen.

    The people of Oklahoma need to work together to overcome the cronyism we have become witness to, and the draconian and mean-spirited reputation that has been put on us by the most recent Administration.



    Melinda will communicate with the people regularly so they know the work is getting done


    Melinda will do what is right, even when no one is looking. She will honor the trust of the people.


    The buck stops here. Melinda will make sure your tax dollars are used wisely and the work of the people is done on time.

    This information was taken from Melinda’s website

    EDW Endorses Dr. Warigia Bowman for Corporation Commissioner

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Dr. Warigia Bowman a Democratic candidate for Corporation Commissioner. Warigia shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe she is uniquely qualified to represent all Oklahomans. For more information about Warigia or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website


    As a single mother of three, providing for my family taught me more than I ever learned at Harvard. As the mother of a girl scout and a boy scout, I teach my children the importance of community service and giving.

    All of the values we have are built on the foundation of faith I received from my grandparents who taught me "By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding, it is established;" (Proverbs 24:3 NIV)

    Warigia the professor

    Dr. Bowman is an international expert on public policy, infrastructure, water, and energy. She currently teaches water law, natural resources law, and energy law at the University of Tulsa College of Law.

    Before becoming a professor she served as an honors trial attorney in the environmental division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where she tried cases across the nation in federal court.

    She earned her doctorate from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University where she was the Hauser Fellow for Nonprofit Management.

    She was the Barbara Jordan Scholar at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs and earned her Juris Doctorate with honors from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law.

    She holds an undergraduate degree in history from Columbia College of Columbia University in New York, where she was the Harry S. Truman Scholar for Public Service.


    Modern & Efficient Grid

    We need to conduct a grid audit and ensure that Oklahoma has the latest, most up-to-date, most efficient, most resilient electric grid in the country.

    Diverse Energy Portfolio

    Oklahoma is a leader in oil and gas and wind. Oklahoma should diversify our energy portfolio to make sure that we are a leader in biomass, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal as well.

    State of the Art Internet

    Every county in Oklahoma should have a competitive telecommunications market and broadband Internet. Children should not have to sit on the corner outside of McDonald's to access online learning.

    This information was taken from Warigia’s website

    EDW Endorses Joshua Harris Till for Congressional District 5

    Edmond Democratic Women proudly endorse Joshua Harris Till a democratic candidate for Congressional District 5.

    Joshua has a decade of organizing experience. Rooted in rural communities with rural voters who both OKC and Washington, DC too often forget. Working in Dan Boren's office taught Joshua values like "we focus on people, not politics." The issues Oklahomans face are not political, they are personal, and they affect hardworking everyday people.

    Joshua is a dedicated community advocate and devoted family man with a heart for the community. His father, a veteran and deacon, instilled in him the principles of discipline and respect. His mother, a union worker and minister, encouraged him to be empathetic and speak up for others.



    Oklahomans aren’t looking to live paycheck to paycheck. They want to buy homes, start businesses, and build wealth. Joshua intends to fight for the future business owners, home owners, and community leaders so they can have a more equitable future.


    Joshua knows first hand how necessary healthcare access is. He will vote for legislation that gives you access to the care you need without breaking the bank regardless of pre-existing conditions.


    Child care, funding for K-12 schools, and the opportunity to attend college or trade schools without life crippling debt, are all things Josh will fight for in congress


    Oklahomans deserve good roads and safe bridges in and especially outside of the Metro area. Joshua will vote yes on policies that repair, improve, and expand infrastructure, and will push for us to prioritize hiring Oklahoma companies.

    This information was taken from Joshua’s website

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    Edmond Democratic Women proudly endorse Kendra Horn, a democratic candidate for U.S. Senate.

    Born and raised in Chickasha, Kendra is a fifth generation Oklahoman and a proud product of Oklahoma Public Schools. Kendra’s parents taught her the importance of investing in people and serving her community, values that continue to guide her today. Kendra passionately believes in public service, and is committed to building bridges, speaking truth to power, and finding solutions to our most challenging problems.

    Kendra HornIn 2018, Kendra won the biggest upset victory of the midterm election cycle with a campaign that many considered a moonshot. Kendra became the first Democratic woman to represent Oklahoma in Congress.

    During her time in Congress, Horn built a reputation as one of the most bipartisan, effective, and accessible Members of Congress. She was an active member of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, and had 25 bills signed into law by President Trump.

    Kendra and her team worked tirelessly to help thousands of Oklahomans access critical services including veterans benefits, social security, medicare, disability, pandemic unemployment benefits, and support for Oklahoma businesses.

    In Congress, Kendra served on the House Armed Services Committee where she was the Vice Chair of the Strategic Forces subcommittee and played a leading role in improving housing conditions for our service members and their families. As Chair of the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee for the Science Space and Technology Committee she led oversight for NASA.

    Throughout her life, Kendra has demonstrated an exceptional ability to create connection, affect change, and bring people with differing backgrounds and opinions together. She is dedicated to supporting the next generation of leaders through her work with organizations such as Girl Scouts, Girl’s State, and the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature.

    This information was taken from Kendra’s website

    Madison Horn


    About Madison Horn

    From the small farm town of Stilwell, Oklahoma and as a Cherokee Nation tribal citizen, Madison has built a career within cybersecurity as a respected and trusted servant-leader. She has worked her way from a place where 68% of women are unemployed, with limited access to technology, to being a global cybersecurity leader with a decade of experience. Madison prides herself on her scrappy, resourceful approach to leadership that has been cultivated over the years by beating the odds. Only 13% of children living in poverty escape it, and within cybersecurity, only 7% of women make it into leadership positions, and less than 1% lead global practices. Madison has beat these odds and is confident about her ability to continue shattering expectations.

    Growing up, Madison worked multiple jobs, from working on the family farm to waitressing to tutoring. Madison developed a strong work ethic and passion for service very early, with a knack for being authentic and compassionate. When presented with an entry-level job at a small cybersecurity firm, Madison accepted the offer and quickly ascended the ranks and became well-versed in cybersecurity. Armed with confidence as a strategic thinker and an unmatched ability to gain trust with individuals, Madison quickly became a valuable asset to her colleagues and leadership.

    Madison understands firsthand the difference that access to opportunities, effective leadership, and strong community support can make in people’s lives. Motivated by her resilience and relentless optimism for a better future, Madison is committed to working towards creating a more secure future for all Americans that embraces both the rural heartland and urban communities. Madison’s decision to run for office was born out of grave disappointment in our current political leaders and the current political landscape. Servant leaders with forward-looking experience in technology and a keen understanding of the problems of today and the future are few and far between. However, Madison knows the perspective she has gained both personally and professionally will bring something new to the political scene - something she hopes won’t end with her election. To restore trust in our government, faith in our democracy, and hope for the future, it is critical to have more leaders in government like Madison with the life experiences everyday Americans can relate to, and the skills to understand the risks and opportunities ahead. Nothing in Madison’s life has come to her without a fight, and she is prepared to do just that in the upcoming election.

    This information was taken from Madison’s website

    Edmond Democratic Women proudly endorse Jena Nelson a Democratic candidate for State Superintendent of Education

    Jena Nelson is a 6th and 7th grade English teacher at Classen SAS Middle School. Her classroom excellence was recognized when she won 2020 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year.

    Jena Nelson has been an educator for more than 16 years and has helped her students earn over $4 million in scholarships. She has been selected to direct at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and was chosen as a presenter at the International Music Festival in Campina Grande Brazil.

    In 2020, she was asked by Congresswoman Kendra Horn to attend the State of the Union Address in Washington D.C. She recently spoke at the National Academy for Science, Engineering, and Medicine, Oklahoma Music Educators Association Conference, and was presented the Award for Teaching Excellence from the OEA.

    This year Jena is one of 45 national educators to receive the California Casualty and The NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence. Recently, she was awarded the Lauren Choate Resilience Award from the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy and was inducted into the Kappa Delta Pi Gamma Omega Chapter. She is also featured in the upcoming “Teacher Hero Project.”

    Teacher flight in Oklahoma is at a crisis level and only getting worse. In the past three years, Jena has been asked to write dozens of recommendation letters for teachers leaving their jobs, not just to other, better paying states, but also to other professions.

    Teachers feel overwhelmed with meetings, unfunded mandates and constant new initiatives foisted upon them. It’s time to reduce the clutter and let these professionals focus on what they do best: teaching our kids. I also think it’s time to pay these professionals as professionals.

    Jena wholeheartedly believes that our public dollars should remain in our public schools. I believe that all Oklahomans are entitled to a quality education and taking more money out of our already chronically underfunded public schools will do tremendous harm. Our kids are not for sale and our schools are not for sale.

    This information was taken from Jena’s website.

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    Gubernatorial candidate Joy Hofmeister, Lieutenant Governor candidate Malinda Alizadeh-Fard, US Senate Candidate Kendra Horn(Inhofe Seat), US Senate Candidate Madison Horn(Lankford seat), Jena Nelson Candidate for State Superintendent, Warigia Bowman Candidate for OK Corporation Commissioner, and Candidate for Congressional District 5 Joshua Harris Till are running for the top 7 offices in Oklahoma.

    We will be highlighting our endorsed candidates with their Press Releases in our Newsletter for the next 3 weeks and start with our national and state offices this week. Next week ,we will highlight our endorsed county candidates, and the following week our endorsed Legislative candidates.

    Edmond Democratic Women Endorse Joy Hofmeister for Oklahoma Governor

    As state superintendent of public instruction, Joy has already led the fight for better education in Oklahoma. Now, Joy is prepared to stand up to both parties to strengthen our schools, get our economy on track and ensure Oklahoma is a place our kids want to stay and put down roots.


    The pandemic exposed a digital divide between urban and rural Oklahoma. As state superintendent, Joy acted, distributing 50,000 internet hotspots to students so they could connect with their teachers. Joy’s infrastructure plans will help build a modern future including a forward-thinking strategy that prepares Oklahoma for electric vehicles and renewable energy. In addition, restored relationships with sovereign tribal governments is a high priority for Joy. She knows that stronger partnerships are key to improved infrastructure and opportunities to build for our future.

    Joy knows education is an investment, not an expense—and calls for a bold investment in our children’s futures. To build a world-class education for Oklahoma’s 700,000 school kids, Joy is focusing on priorities developed in collaboration with parents, teachers and representatives of local communities from across the state.


    Addressing childhood hunger and the state’s high infant and maternal mortality rates will be among Joy’s top priorities. Hunger costs Oklahoma over $1.4 billion each year through increased illness and decreased academic achievement alone. Oklahoma is one of the top ten worst places in the country to have a baby. To change that, Joy will work to expand a mother’s postpartum Medicaid coverage, as many other states have done — giving families more resources and support when it is needed most.


    Joy knows Oklahomans are the ones who suffer when politicians choose self-dealing over the people they are supposed to serve. Under Stitt, the state has awarded nearly $20 million in lucrative government contracts to some of his campaign donors and allies. That’s not his money, it’s yours.

    Joy will restore honesty, transparency, and accountability to the governor’s office.

    This information was taken from Joy’s website: joyforok.com

    The other 6 candidates press releases will follow...

  • September 11, 2022 8:28 PM | Anonymous

    The fundraiser luncheon held by the OK Federation of Democratic Women Equality Day True Blue Rally, on 8-27-22 at the Cole Community Center was well attended by EDW members, over 200 attendees from across the state and 30 candidates and elected officials, with Senator George Young introducing the candidates. The keynote speaker was the President of the OK ACLU. EDW sponsored a table and our Immediate Past President, Gwen Shaw, gave an update on our activities. She did such a great job, we wanted to share her speech here.

    EDW Past President Gwen Shaw speaking at the True Blue Rally

    “Good afternoon. I am Gwen Shaw and I bring greetings from Krista Jones, the Edmond Democratic Women President and our 350 members. I was honored to serve as the 2nd President and am now the immediate past president of this enthusiastic and involved group of Democratic women. But – our members are not just women, not just from Edmond and not just Democrats!

    For those of you who don’t know about our group I would like to tell you how we got here and about what a group of dedicated and inspired women can do!

    EDW began as a group of eight like-minded women in Dana Shadid’s Edmond living room shortly after the November 2016 election, and since has exploded into a community of individuals passionate about changing the political outcome for the better.

    I was one of those original eight women, and we left that meeting with hopes of putting together a group of 35 – 40 ladies. With only a word-of-mouth movement, 52 women packed into Dana’s living room in January 2017. Many were motivated by anger at the elected officials and the momentum that had been created by the Women’s Marches the weekend prior. That group increased to 110 by the February 2017 meeting, and after that, the list was up to 150. Word was spreading quickly about the group of women IN EDMOND, a very red community. Many came from outside our city because they knew of no such “support group” like ours.

    We were so fortunate to have a dedicated and talented board led by Dana Shadid, our founder and President who developed among other things, beliefs, a vision and a mission for the group,

    The vision for our group when it was conceived was to get Edmond women involved in the political process. That may be by running for office – including the local school board and city council or for state representative or senate and supporting progressive candidates that were running at all levels.

    We not only did that, but by 2019 our members got involved as leaders of precincts to help build the Democratic party in election off-years. We supported and elected our members to county and congressional district level party offices. We have consistently hosted numerous candidate forums for each election since our inception and invited all other Democratic groups, including a 2020 Presidential Campaign forum with over 300 in attendance and - even over zoom during the Covid lock-down. We grew to over 550 members before the 2020 election.

    One reason we are successful is that we do not waiver from the beliefs and mission that have governed us. Chief among our beliefs is equality for all. We educate our members on current issues and give them an opportunity to be advocates for their passions. We make every effort to not go negative about the state of politics or the opposing party in our public spaces and strive to provide a positive and unified voice.

    We are here to get progressive candidates elected. We are clear about not doing anything to distract from electing and supporting Democratic candidates and elected officials. We endorse Edmond, Oklahoma County, State and Federal Democratic candidates and organize efforts for our members to knock doors, drive candidates, text bank, phone bank, distribute yard signs and do whatever is needed."

    OFDW President and EDW member Jana Harkins and US Senate candidate Kendra Horn recognizing Debbie Hogue Downing as a Super Volunteer for OFDW and the Democratic Party

    EDW members Robbie Thomason White, Carroll Asseo, Gwen Shaw, Liz Wilson, Debbie Oliver, Reese Todd, Debbie Hogue-Downing, Ann Young and Margaret Enright with State Superintendent Nominee Jena Nelson.

  • September 11, 2022 8:11 PM | Anonymous

    EDW Turns Out At Jena Nelson’s Pep Rally “To Save Our Schools”

    Nothing is better than a good old fashioned pep rally to energize and inspire people to work hard for elections and for our public schools. State Superintendent and EDW endorsed candidate Jena Nelson held a pep rally at Camp Trivera in NE OKC by the Softball Hall of Fame, along with former teachers, now legislators, Senator Carri Hicks , and Representative Mickey Dollens. US Senate Candidate Kendra Horn also inspired the crowd. Many candidates were in attendance too, Joshua Harris Till- CD5, Nick Singer- OK County Assessor, Melinda Alizadeh-Fard Lieutenant Governor, Blake Aguirre SD22 ,and Representative Trish Ranson HD 34 as well as elected officials , Representative Andy Fugate being one that does not have an opponent in his re-election bid.

    We were also able to deliver Congresswoman Horn’s for US Senate EDW endorsement check and Joshua Harris Till for CD 5’s EDW endorsement check. There was a pep band ,signs and poms and a raucous crowd ready for change. About 15 EDW members were there to show support for the the public schools and Jena Nelson who provided the crowd with statistics and issues that will be addressed if elected.

  • September 02, 2022 9:25 PM | Anonymous

    Enough is Enough
    The following is an open letter from the Editorial Board of the Edmond Way and is shared with permission from Mark Nash

    “Rule of Law is the most important element in any civil society.” … Mo Ibrahim

    It is hard to argue with this quote from billionaire Mo Ibrahim. Most of us living in Edmond would agree that following the law is very important to maintaining our society. However, it seems that a small group of “patriots” either do not understand the law or believe that following the law is not important. Over the past 19 months this small group has attended city council meeting after city council meeting; demanding change. They have repeatedly ignored what city council members have said in private responses to their concerns. They are demanding change by intimidation in total disregard for the laws, ordinances, policies, and procedures that make up the way our municipal government operates. Well, perhaps enough is enough. Stop screaming and demanding things that do not follow the law. Stop trying to intimidate our city council members and then act like snowflakes when your unacceptable behavior is met with strong opposition. Follow the law if you want change. Follow the law, if you want what the city council cannot provide in the regular meetings.

    This all started 19 months ago during the COVID pandemic when there was little information about the virus. Even though the Edmond City Council cautiously waded into the pandemic and upset some citizens over not shutting down fast enough, the eyes-wide-open approach taken by the previous council and this one allowed our city to rebound much faster than surrounding communities. The mask ordinance was dropped and businesses reopened considerably sooner than other metropolitan cities, and to this day staff continues to monitor the virus and its effects on the community. But you, the small group of so-called “patriots” still complain about it. As we headed into another school year over the past month, the complaint was that the city council was not putting police officers into every single school in the district. Do you not understand that the Edmond Public Schools district is a separate governmental body that includes Edmond, parts of Oklahoma City, Arcadia, and even unincorporated portions of Oklahoma and Logan County? These discussions must start with the school district; not the city. The district, as you heard from one city council member, was working on an enhanced security plan. It has been implemented. You want the city council to call for a recall election. Repeatedly, you have made this demand during the Citizens Comments agenda item. What? This is not how the process works. You have claimed habitual or willful neglect of duty, gross partiality in office, and even oppression in office; yet can only back this by stating that the council is running amuck with a “woke” agenda.

    If you truly believe that any member of the council should be recalled, follow the law. Article IX of the City Charter outlines causes for removal of elected officials and Article XI provides the method for recall. If you truly believe that any one of these council members has violated Title 22 Subsection 1181 of the Oklahoma State Statutes, follow the law. If you believe that the method for recalling an elected official in Edmond cannot be accomplished under the current method prescribed, follow the law and submit a referendum petition to repeal Article XI of the charter. As for your complaints about first amendment rights, and restrictions mandated by state and federal authorities; these are not issues that our city council controls. You need to be taking these complaints to the correct authorities: The state health department; your state representatives and state senators; Governor Stitt; the U.S. Department of Health; and/or your U.S. senators and representatives. As to your complaints about allotted time to speak at council meetings, what is your suggestion? Allow everyone as much time as they want and have council meetings run into the wee hours of the morning? Will you pay for the extra staffing required for that? Or should we limit the number of people who can speak at a council meeting? Do you really think if you had five minutes instead of three, your arguments would be any different? Or would they just be longer?

    Our editorial board as a group has been involved in Edmond politics for an average of 20+ years. We can tell you that we have had more than our share of battles making change happen within our community. The process works by getting involved. Standing in front of the council and whining, yelling and cajoling when laws and ordinances prohibit the members from responding to you, does absolutely nothing. It does nothing for you. It does nothing for our city. It does nothing. Oh wait. It does do one thing. It makes good, honest hardworking citizens who have freely given of their time to help run our city rethink why they are involved. The one thing your incessant attacks are accomplishing is to drive dedicated selfless people out of municipal government. Our city council members do not deserve this. We, the citizens, do not deserve this. You claim that the council does not represent “we, the people.” I hate to break it to you but THEY DO! If you recall, political observers in the last city council election stated after the results were finalized that the liberty ticket candidates lost two out three races. And now that you are routinely attacking Stacey Peterson, it is obvious that you lost all three races. Likewise, candidates you supported in the most recent school board elections lost both races. “We, the (actual) people” made our voices heard at the ballot box. And that, not bullying, cajoling, or stonewalling, is what makes a democracy. These losses clearly show that you are not the majority of Edmond. These losses clearly show that the voters of Edmond have spoken. If you really want change, get involved; the right way. If all you want to do is whine and complain, and claim you are being oppressed, stop. We the people, the majority of Edmond, are sick and tired of it.


    If you don’t like what our great city is doing, let us suggest two options: 

    1) Get involved the right way, using the laws and ordinances to make change; or 2) Leave. Move to Oklahoma City, or Moore, or Guthrie, or outside of city limits where you are only bound by county and state law.


    The Edmond Way Editorial Board
    Mark Nash, Chairman
    Lydia Lee
    Rhonda McLean
    Keith Weber
    Ronnie Williams

  • September 02, 2022 9:18 PM | Anonymous

    HJ Reed had an amazing presentation on politics in Oklahoma, how we got here and how we can change. Mr Reed was a long time (44 years) lobbyist for Phillips 66 in 14 states in the mid-continent region of the US. Born and raised in western Oklahoma in a politically active family, with a dad elected to office, he would show his tear off tab from his paper ballot after voting, to his family. Times, I too, remember.

    The legislature has 2 jobs: provide a budget yearly and redraw the district map every 10 years. The legislature has a series of timelines during session to dispose of the 2525 bills in 2021 and 2300 bills in 2022, that narrow down funnel of bills for passage until the last day of session, the last Friday in May , at 5:00. The best time to influence legislation is before the bill is drafted with the author to discuss and correct unintended consequences which is October, November, December before session. The splits between the legislature aren’t always between Dems and repubs( especially since repubs have a super majority), but between east and west, north and south , urban and rural, and within the caucus.

    Due to Initiative Petition 632 putting in place term limits, 91 members of the House  and 36 members of the Senate have less than 5 years experience. In 1992, 30 years ago, the majority of Oklahoma was blue and now in 2022 and for the last 5 years the majority has been red. The pendulum will swing back just not sure when. OKC and Tulsa are purple right now, while the rest of the state is red, so there is an opportunity for OKC and Tulsa to turn blue in November. Part of the issue is straight party voting, which OK is one of the few states where that still occurs. In straight party voting the Democrats are represented by the Rooster, Republicans by the Eagle, and Libertarians by the Porcupine and these memes were determined years ago with unknown origins or reasons.

    Oklahoma elections are the safest in the nation, due to our consistency of ballots, machines and process in all 77 counties. Usually the reason for a ballot to be invalid and unrecognizable is due to the voter not marking the box clearly enough for the scanner to read. Our ballots are not connected to the internet. In the most recent primary in June, of the 58,000 ballots in the OK county district attorney’s  race only 6 were changed. 6 reasons to vote blue in November: Roe V Wade, Trump- Mar Lago Raid, Jan. 6th Committee findings, Gun control, the economy, and 1st time voters engaged in these issues.

    85 days till the 2022 Election! This is NOT a spectator sport. Get involved, volunteer, canvas, phone bank, text, write postcards, GOTV, and VOTE.


  • September 02, 2022 9:07 PM | Anonymous

    At the general membership meeting Monday night, 8-15, it was voted on by the membership present representing 338, to endorse 19 AMAZING DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES! 2 incumbents and 17 new candidates. Some of the new candidates have been around Oklahoma politics in other positions and are running in a new race. They have filled out our questionnaire and have been interviewed by our Recruit, Support, Elect Committee, chaired by JoBeth Moad, and those  recommendations were sent to the Board and the Board brought them to a vote of the membership. After runoffs, we are hoping to add 2 more.

    If you are interested in being a liaison for any of their campaigns or would like to get involved in any of their campaigns, please contact JoBeth at RSE.chair.edw@gmail.com. We need all hands on deck to become active and help elect these great candidates and turn Oklahoma purple! You can visit their websites to read more and support them monetarily, or sign up to volunteer, canvas , phone bank , write postcards, or GOTV. In September, we will be having a CAMPAIGN WORK DAY.

    So come prepared to roll up your sleeves and learn more about and work in each of these areas for these candidates.

  • August 13, 2022 7:28 PM | Anonymous

    EDW Members Register Voters With Canadian County Dems At Indian Nations Cheyenne/ Arapaho Powwow Near Concho And At The Downtown Edmond Sunny Dayz Mural Festival

    Over 30 new or updated voter registrations occurred at the Indian Nations powwow and another 25 at the Sunny Dayz mural festival with EDW partnering with Let’s Fix This. Registering voters, voter engagement and Get Out The Vote is how we elect Democrats.

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