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Edmond Democratic Women

Board of Directors 2023-24

President Liz Wilson
Vice President/Treasurer Jill Ogden
Corresponding Secretary Debbie Oliver
Immediate Past President Krista Jones
Membership Co-Chairs [Chair E-mail]
Regan Raff
Education Chair Margaret Enright
Communication Chairs [vacant]: Social Media
Jane Frank: Newsletter & Website
Advocacy Co-Chairs Anna Stuck 
Stephanie Lane-Hicks
Outreach/Precincts Laura Batchelor
Beverly Woodrome: Voter Registration & Notary Events
Recruit, Support, and Elect Chair Jo Beth Moad
Honorary Member - OK County Democratic
Party Chair
 Amy Warne


MEMBERSHIP: Help plan meetings and opportunities for members to get to know one another better in a safe environment. Create fun opportunities that will relieve the stress of the political challenges. Develop alternate gatherings like huddles, lunch bunch, etc. that would offer time in a smaller group. Also, utilize these opportunities to identify and recruit new members to actively participate in EDW.

EDUCATION: Gather information and opportunities that will prepare the members to participate in the political dialogue and successful advocacy. Recruit speakers to speak to the group. Work with Communications Committee to ensure systems are in place to accurately inform/educate the members on issues and other concerns in timely manner.

COMMUNICATION: Develop the tools necessary for the members to easily communicate information with one another in a timely fashion. Also, recommend “tools” that can be used to best communicate with our elected officials and work with Education to make sure members use the tools effectively. Assist teams/members when needing to share information with the group.

ADVOCACY: Identify and/or develop opportunities for members to influence policy decisions being made by elected officials. Help identify methods that can be used by members to be successful in their efforts. Lead advocacy efforts at the State Capitol and elsewhere.

OUTREACH/PRECINCTS: Training and information regarding Precinct Officers and opportunities to boost voter registration and participation.  

RECRUIT, SUPPORT AND ELECT:  Develop specific methods for identifying potential candidates for local, county, state and federal offices. Help prepare and equip those individuals to enter the races, then provide the support needed to be elected (money and shoe leather).

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