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Take Action!

Here's a question that only you can answer: What do you think about our current political climate?

Were you mad about the previous election? Did you feel that you wanted to do something to make a difference? Do you feel strongly about helping elect local and/or state representatives who reflect our values? Were you fed up with some of the ridiculous legislation that has been developed in Oklahoma? Do you feel strongly about educating our young people about civics and how our government works? Do you want to learn more about current issues?

No matter what your response, Edmond Democratic Women is the right place to come to find the information, the tools, the addresses, the inspiration to take one step forward and make your voice heard. There are all sorts of opportunities for service and action within Edmond Democratic Women. Whether it is writing postcards to promote candidates or causes, volunteering to help register voters, calling your representatives, or simply participating in our monthly meetings, everything you do makes a difference. If each of us makes only one effort a month to promote our goals, together we can make a huge difference. Together we will gain momentum, and soon we will see a blue wave across our state like never before!

Watch our website for opportunities to advocate, to learn, to communicate, and to participate! We would be delighted to have you join this dynamic group that is helping to make things happen in Oklahoma.

Join an EDW Committee!

Our committees are hard at work in many different areas. There is always more work to be done and we can help you find a place to contribute! We have many committees to choose from: Membership, Education, Communication, Advocacy, Recruit Support Elect, and Outreach/Precinct. Find out more information about our committees here.

Notarize Ballots

Volunteer at events to notarize ballots. Learn how to become a notary in Oklahoma.

Advocate at the Oklahoma State Capitol

The Republican super majority must hear from us! EDW Members visit, call and email their state Representative and Senator to build a relationship as a constituent and let them know your concerns. Members contact state Representatives and state Senators regarding bills that are bad for Oklahomans and not aligned with EDW’s Mission and Vision. Members contact their U.S. Congressperson and U.S. Senators to share national concerns. Go to the Voting area of this website to find your state and federal officials. Go to Oklahoma State Legislature site to look up state legislation by bill number. During Oklahoma’s February-May legislative session, members should regularly view our EDW Members Only Facebook page for Advocacy alerts. View bill numbers, talking points and act on the Calls to Action within the short timeframe given before the Committee or floor bill vote.

Every Spring, the EDW Advocacy Committee hosts or partners with another Democratic organization for a Capitol Day. Members are invited to gather at a designated place to meet with Democratic legislators for bill briefings, watch floor sessions in the galleries, visit your legislator’s office signing in their guest books as constituents or interested voters and thank our Democratic caucus members for their advocacy. A bonus is a Capitol Art Tour of our beautifully refurbished state Capitol and artwork!

Contact the Advocacy Chair to get involved with the EDW Advocacy Committee.

Register Voters

Did you know that Oklahoma has the lowest voter turnout in the U.S.? Registering voters is one way to improve voter engagement at the polls. EDW collaborates with organizations to volunteer for shifts at voter registration tables in the community. Voter registration forms, instructions, clipboards, pens and secure tablecloths are provided. All that’s missing is you!

Contact the Outreach/Precinct Chair to get involved with the Outreach Committee for planning and participating in voter registration events.

Join a Campaign and Support Candidates

Bad Oklahoma legislation and reversing laws that is harmful to Oklahomans will only improve if we elect more Democrats! EDW connects members to campaigns to support Democratic candidates and to common sense candidates running in non-partisan local city council and school board races. Democratic candidates may inquire about our candidate endorsement process. Upon completing an endorsement, often an EDW member serves as a liaison to a campaign to promote volunteer campaign opportunities to our members.

During campaign season, EDW promotes campaign opportunities to our members. We may have campaign work nights in place of General Assembly Meetings. Campaign representatives attend with campaign signup sheets. Examples of work night activities are: phone and text banking, writing postcards, taking yard signs to put at requested locations and compiling campaign literature for multiple candidate canvassing Days of Action.

Contact the RSE Chair to get involved with the EDW Recruit, Support & Elect Committee.

Run for Local Elected Offices

Now is the time to step into public service to contribute your skills and voice to improve Oklahoma! The EDW Recruit, Support & Elect Committee helps to identify those interested in running for local, county, state and federal office as a Democrat. Too often there is no one running as a Democrat for an office. We can do better. EDW is here to help and partner you with resources as you analyze your district and opportunity to win, plus assess the time, commitment and resources needed for a campaign. Contact Edmond Democratic Women if you’re interested in learning more about running for office.

Be Active in Your Precinct

Volunteers are the key to getting out the vote!  Strong, active precinct leaders can change outcomes in close races. The goal of precinct work is to boost turnout of likely Democratic voters. To achieve this goal, precinct officers and volunteers assist with canvassing in their precinct for Democratic candidates with direction from the campaigns. Officers contact the county party to access resource lists to identify and reach out to Democratic neighbors. They can increase party visibility and pride by organizing precinct meetings, meet and greets and neighborhood voter registration drives.

The EDW Outreach/Precinct Committee has the redistricted Edmond maps to identify the neighborhoods for your precinct. The Committee Chair can provide resources and tips to precinct offices and EDW members. Contact the Outreach/Precinct Chair to get connected with this EDW committee.

Participate in Monthly EDW Meetings and Activities

EDW holds our General Assembly meetings January-May and September-November at 6:30pm in person on the 3rd Monday of the month at community spaces in Edmond. We encourage members to bring guests. We offer virtual viewing via Facebook Live from our Members Only Facebook page. Our EDW Education Committee secures excellent speakers aligned with our Mission and Vision to inform us on key issues. We invite Democratic legislators for Capitol updates. We also have EDW Committee Chair announcements and trainings. During campaign season, we have Democratic candidate forums before the primary and invite endorsed candidates to speak.

Contact the Education Chair to get involved with the EDW Education Committee.

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