Edmond Democratic Women 2021-23 Strategic Plan


The Edmond Democratic Women is an inspiring and motivating group that demonstrates through their actions that they are a positive force to be reckoned with. This is an inclusive group with progressive democratic values that can mobilize change and always stands with the under-served . EDW is a reliable source dedicated to informing members and helping elect progressive candidates to office.


The mission of the Edmond democratic Women is to make positive change in the community, the state, and the country by leveraging our collective strengths. We will do this by :

  • Providing a positive and unified voice from a group of concerned and caring women, educated on the issues;
  • Promoting the values of the Democratic Party and supporting those individuals who will represent those values in elected office in our community, our state and at the federal level;
  • Providing the support for one another that is needed in this uncertain world.



Goal: Position EDW as a well-respected voice at the local, state, and federal levels when discussing legislation that impacts Edmond and its citizens.  Advocacy has five main areas of concentration:

Women’s Rights/Healthcare
Social Equity
Public Safety

  • Ensure all individual members have access to the skills necessary to be effective advocates.
    • Conduct 3-4 toolbox training sessions during the fall season. Include
      • Legislative calendar/process - collaborate with education
      • Meeting legislators
    • Increase the number of members who use the toolbox tools during the year.
    • Post trainings & material on website (Members Only):
      - Training videos from EDW and similar organizations
      - Legislative scorecards (from partner organizations)
      - Show partner organizations such as Ok Bill Watch, Sierra Club, Moms Demand Action, ACLU, Freedom Ok, Matriarch
      - Provide Advocacy Opportunities
      - Reading Lists
    • Create opportunities during the 2022 session for members to visit the Capitol and advocate together
  • Maintain information channels from trusted issue experts, through identified passionate membership, to our general membership.
    • Increase information on city/county topics with recaps to membership
    • Ask members who participate in partner organization advocacy training/days to self-report
    • Increase general membership participation in Advocacy Week this year
    • Schedule Advocacy Topic Weeks according to interests/beliefs
  • Normalize the process “of call to action” from issue subcommittees to general membership (social, communications)
    • Increase the number of self reported actions taken by 100 members
    • Expand calls to action to texting or emailing for members without social media.
  • Track and educate membership on legislator voting records.
    • Educate membership on already established report cards.
    • End session with self-care and legislative successes.
    • Better sourcing, collaborate with social committee.


Goal: Ensure the EDW messages are communicated in the clearest most effective manner.

  • Maintain a positive on-line presence, encourage interaction and make contact with members through
    • Website
    • FB pages – private and public
    • Newsletter
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
  • Maintain and provide an active, informative weekly newsletter to provide all members information that is consistent with Facebook and our webpage.
  • Provide a common format for website entries.
  • Work with each committee chair to get Facebook posts and articles for the newsletter.
  • Educate our members about upcoming elections, candidates, and the issues on our website, social media and newsletter
  • Educate our members on the benefits of membership and encourage the payment of dues.


Goal: Ensure that our EDW members are informed on issues and processes and are prepared to present the facts in an effective manner.

  • Create a speaker series to address important current issues/events, local elections, and getting involved in the community and incorporate these issues into EDW monthly business meetings.
  • Work with advocacy to train members interested in advocating at the State Capitol and keep a Legislative Calendar
  • Educate our members so that they have a better understanding and clarification of the legislative priorities of our Democratic Caucus
  • Continue to identify needs for improving our members’ skills and knowledge and work with Outreach to provide information on the Democratic party organization and engagement.


Build an organization composed of members that are committed to, and engaged with, the mission of the Edmond Democratic Women.

  • Retain existing members (target retention – 350)
  • Send a welcome letter to all new members and include committee information
  • Host monthly new member Zoom orientations with EDW President and other board members/committee chairs as an orientation.
  • Send an invitation to join to all women who are Democrats in Edmond.
  • Host socials such as coffees and happy hours or other membership social events for members to get acquainted and to learn about opportunities available through EDW
  • Build connections between members and the community by organizing opportunities for EDW outreach.
  • Designate a nonprofit organization to receive member donations at meetings
  • Organize and on-site opportunity for members to help a nonprofit
  • Provide volunteers for booths at meetings and community events
    • UCO events
    • Edmond Pride
    • Others
  • Increase the number of members actively participating on a committee by 50%.
  • Develop a process for connecting all members with the committees and activities of the club.


Officer/Party Liaison
Goal: Stay informed about the Democratic Party (OK County, State, CD-5 and National) events and goals. Inform our membership and give them the opportunity to support those efforts.

  • Host State House District socials for EDW and other Precinct officers 

  • Set goals for the precinct officers by month

  • Fill OK County Precinct officer slots with our members

Goal: Help our membership identify effective voter registration opportunities and mobilize the effort.

  • Register 100,000 voters by November 2022 the next Presidential Election working with other Democratic Partners
  • Apps/programs to register voters: Vote OK, Grit for Democracy, Map the vote
  • Organize Voter Registration Field Day that all members can participate in together
  • Emphasize voter registration with precinct officers and activity
  • Have a voter registration challenge at the end of each meeting


Goal: Develop specific methods for identifying potential candidates for local, state, county and federal offices. Help prepare and equip those candidates to enter races.

  • Find and ask people to run – RECRUIT
  • Encourage anyone interested in running to contact Sally’s list
  • Host informational socials for those interested in running
  • Contact the Ok State Democratic Caucus with potential candidates and work together to recruit
  • Educate members on elections coming up - special elections, legislative, local, school board, etc and the types of candidates we need to run
  • Utilize EDW membership to provide personal support to candidates like groceries, dry cleaners, family support/assistant during their campaigns
  • Make recommendations to EDW Board as to whether to endorse a candidate for office – in the Edmond area or somewhere else in the state.
  • Update benchmarks used to evaluate candidates.
  • Update the endorse/support process created in 2019 to be used in an Evaluation
  • Preliminary screening:
    • Is the candidate currently or does the candidate have plans to work with a political consultant?
    • Does the candidate know how much money it will take to run the campaign and do they have a financial plan to raise that.
    • Does the candidate have a circle of family and friends that will provide a base of supporters/workers for the campaign?
    • If committee feels satisfied with responses, then direct to application on line for endorsement/support decision.
  • Recruit and prep potential campaign liaisons to work with EDW endorsed candidates. EDW can (not will) provide any of the following volunteer services based on the needs of the candidate, availability of volunteers and meeting space:
    • Involve them in all training of EDW volunteers for campaigns
    • Put together team(s) of EDW volunteers willing to actively work on campaigns of those that EDW decides to endorse/support with phone banking, door knocking, and preparation of mailers
    • Focus on canvassing neighborhoods
  • Determine how these volunteers’ time can best be utilized
  • Focus on incumbents
  • Focus on “purple” districts
  • Focus on certain neighborhoods
  • Work with Communications to develop method(s) to best get the word out about volunteer opportunities in campaigns.
  • Work with Education (and other organizations when appropriate) to organize candidate forums when appropriate for EDW members.
  • Work closely with Voter Registration to create opportunities for voter registration.
  • ID events/locations that will allow voter registration tables and make arrangements to place one and staff with EDW members
  • Utilize the “map” of members’ precincts, organizing groups to walk their neighborhoods and register voters.
  • Encourage members to keep voter registration forms with them at all times in case they meet someone needing to register and a sheet that gives information re: absentee ballots with website

-- END --

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