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  • October 28, 2022 11:21 AM | Anonymous

    In every campaign there are two phases: Persuasion and Engagement.

    Persuasion is us writing postcards telling why we support candidates, dropping lit while canvassing, and talking to our friends about our favorite candidates and the issues. Persuasion is our candidates traveling across the state telling their stories and asking for voter’s support. What a gift it has been to be able to meet so many amazing candidates this year at EDW!

    As we enter the last two weeks we move into the “engagement” phase or Get Out the Vote (GOTV). Now is the time to convince all the people who have been persuaded by the candidate’s messages to get to the polls and VOTE!

    Did you know that Oklahoma had the WORST voter turnout of any state in 2020? And that was with almost 70% of registered voters turning out! So, to say the least, voter turnout will be crucial in this election.

    That’s why in these last days we have to support our candidates in their GOTV efforts. Those efforts will involve knocking on “friendly” doors - because remember we’re no longer trying to persuade people - which is a great way to dip your toe in the canvassing water!

    Campaigns will also be doing lots of phone and text banking. But now their message will change from persuasion to “do you have a plan to vote, do you know where your polling place is, etc” So again, if you haven’t tried phone banking this is a great time to give it a try. It’s such a good feeling when you talk to other people who are as excited about voting as you are! Text banking is also a valuable GOTV tool and is sooo easy.

    Personally, I am making a vow that I will not wake up on election day wishing I had done more. We have a unique set of circumstances in front of us with an unpopular Governor, the issue of public schools and women’s healthcare on the ballot, and an EXCELLENT slate of female (and male) candidates.

    Let’s not waste this!

  • October 22, 2022 8:19 AM | Anonymous

    by Carol Willis

    I've never thought I would be strong enough to step out of my comfort zone and call or visit someone and put my political beliefs on the line. So I had to have a hard discussion with myself about just how much I would do to see some of our wonderful and deserving candidates be elected. Even more, I had to decide just how badly I want some of the really questionable and/or extremist candidates to be denied. After all, I have spent a few years now screaming at the television and rolling my eyes at the sad state of our city, state, and country. I just had to do something.

    The truth is that I am really concerned about this election. Concerned enough to take a deep breath and step forward. I decided that my fear is not going to become my stumbling block. No one is coming to bail us out. We are it.

    The first call I made, I was fearful. But the numbers and addresses we are given to contact are people who most likely are receptive to what we have to say. I found that if I am just myself, practice courtesy, and really engage with the contact, it's so easy. Most of the time I feel gratified to have reached out to someone.

    This election will be over in the blink of an eye. The amount of time that I might spend helping candidates is a few hours here and there. It's not going to hurt me one bit to make an effort for a few weeks that might actually make a difference in our government, our society, and our lives. I hope you will consider stepping forward for the greater good. You won't regret it. Thanks for listening.

  • September 29, 2022 2:06 PM | Anonymous

    EDW Shows Up Last Weekend!

    It was a busy weekend last weekend for EDW to kick off the Election Fall Cycle after Labor Day. The OK Democratic Vets Annual Pancake breakfast was held at the pipe-fitters union by the airport, with many candidates there to present their platforms. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, and coffee were hot and plentiful as they each were recognized to speak. EDW members canvasses for Joy Hofmeister Governor, Carrie Hicks for Senate, Greg Clyde for HD83, Vicki Behenna for Ok County DA, and Cathy Cummings for Ok County Commissioner D3.

    ✅ Vets Pancake Breakfast

    ✅ Mustang Western Days

    ✅ Canvassing for Greg Clyde

    ✅ Canvassing for Carrie Hicks

    ✅ Canvassing for Vicki Behenna

    ✅ Canvassing for Cathy Cummings

  • September 29, 2022 1:58 PM | Anonymous

    Edmond Democratic Women proudly endorses Representative Cyndi Munson a democratic candidate for House District 85.

    Cyndi became the first Asian-American woman elected (and re-elected) to the Oklahoma Legislature. She has concentrated her legislative efforts on providing equal pay for equal work, strengthening the rights of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, assisting Oklahoma’s veterans, and working to make life easier for our loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    Cyndi’s priorities continue to be:

    A First Class Education

    A product of Oklahoma public schools, Cyndi knows that our state is only as strong as our public schools. Cyndi is dedicated to ensuring that our schools have the funding they need to provide a first-class education and our teachers have the pay and benefits they deserve. She has consistently fought for more resources for our classrooms and voted against budgets that don’t provide the investments that our children need.

    Prioritizing Women, Girls, and Seniors

    Oklahoma is ranked the second worst state in the nation for women to live in. 49% of women in Oklahoma will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. There are over 150,000 cases of abuse or mistreatment of senior citizens each year. That’s why Cyndi has made it a priority to introduce legislation that provides equal pay for equal work, strengthened the rights of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and makes life easier for our loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    Honoring our Veterans

    The daughter of a veteran and retired Master Sergeant, Cyndi believes that we must work our hardest to honor the service that Oklahoma’s veterans have given our country. Cyndi sponsored legislation that has made it easier for veterans serving overseas to receive benefits they deserve and has worked to ensure our veterans services are fully funded.

    Cyndi became the first Asian-American woman elected (and re-elected) to the Oklahoma Legislature. She has concentrated her legislative efforts on providing equal pay for equal work, strengthening the rights of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, assisting Oklahoma’s veterans, and working to make life easier for our loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. This information was taken from Cyndi’s website.

  • September 29, 2022 1:48 PM | Anonymous

    Edmond Democratic Women Endorses Chaunté Gilmore for Oklahoma House District 30

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Chaunté Gilmore a democratic candidate for Oklahoma House District 30. Chaunté shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe she is uniquely qualified to represent House District 30. For more information about Chaunté or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website https://www.gilmoreforok.com/.


    Chaunté moved to Oklahoma City in 1996 and graduated from Putnam City High school... The Original! She is a proud alumna of Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) where she received her associate’s degree in physical therapy. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at Oklahoma State University in Athletic Training. Lastly, she received her Master’s in Business Administration and Healthcare Administration from Mid-America Christian University.

    Chaunté is involved in her community and continues to serve in many capacities. She has served as an officer in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, Director of Alumni and Recruitment for New Leaders Council, and Oklahoma Chapter Director for New Leaders Council. She was also a member of Oklahoma City Young Professionals for three years, the Junior League of Oklahoma City, the Greater OKC Urban League Guild, and Leadership Oklahoma City. Serving in these leadership capacities has allowed her the opportunity to help others grow and develop their own skills in an effort to make progressive change across the state of Oklahoma. Chaunté believes she can inspire others and continue to make an impact at the State Capitol as well!

    Chaunté has always cared about her community and leaving a positive legacy for future generations. As a child, she watched her grandmother be a servant-leader in Lawton, Oklahoma, serving her church and other community organizations, and eventually running for Lawton city council.

    The lasting impact of service has had a major effect on Chaunté to be an advocate for herself and others.



    As a physical therapist assistant, I believe that Healthcare is a human right. I will fight to expand access to behavioral & mental health care, substance abuse care, and suicide prevention resources for communities across the state, especially for young people and our veterans. Food security and creating more affordable housing are key to a healthier community as well. I will also fight to protect the right to access reproductive healthcare for every person.


    Oklahoma’s kids and teachers deserve better. For far too long, our state has failed to adequately fund education. In order for us to be a well-educated community, we must ensure that our teachers are making a living wage with competitive benefits to keep them here instead of going out of state.

    Criminal Justice Reform

    Oklahoma is #1 in the nation for the incarceration of Women and #3 in the nation for the incarceration of men per capita. In an effort to curb over-incarceration, we must be proactive in solving the root causes of crime and rehabilitate non-violent offenders. That means expanding pretrial diversion programs, ending cash bail to avoid turning county jails into make-shift debtors prisons and putting an end to state-sanctioned violence like the death penalty.

    Environment and Infrastructure

    Every person needs access to clean water, air, and a healthy environment to live in. Our state needs an investment in roads, bridges, and public transportation across communities both urban and rural. The pandemic has taught us that access to the internet is more vital than ever. It’s time to propel Oklahoma into the 21st century by investing in our infrastructure. With the help of clean energy, public works projects, and green jobs, we can ensure a higher quality of life for generations to come.

    Protecting Worker’s Rights and Expanding Labor Laws

    I believe in raising the minimum wage to a living wage because $7.25 is too low to live on. Oklahoma workers have the right to organize which means having support for strong unions. I believe in laws regarding parental leave for mothers, fathers, and caretakers. I also believe in investing in education funding for a diverse workforce. We must also protect the rights of expression in the workplace for religious minorities, our LGBTQ2S+ community, and other marginalized communities.

    Fighting Discrimination and Corruption

    Kevin Stitt’s administration has made it hard to pass meaningful legislation in our state chambers. Instead, he has made back-door deals with restaurants, used the government to benefit his own businesses, mismanaged funding during the COVID-19 crisis, and targeted multiple communities by directly restricting their rights. The Stitt administration has fought against the sovereignty of the Tribes, created barriers to entry for the Medical Marijuana community, and punished our schools for supporting students of LGBTQ2S+ backgrounds. This is not an inclusive administration. I pledge to be a candidate who fights to protect ALL Oklahomans regardless of race, party, class, or orientation.

    This information was taken from Chaunté’s website: gilmoreforok.org

    Edmond Democratic Women Endorses Mike Bockus for Oklahoma House District 41

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Mike Bockus a democratic candidate for Oklahoma House District 41. Mike shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe he is uniquely qualified to represent House District 41. For more information about Mike or to volunteer to help with his campaign efforts, please visit his website https://www.mikeisok.com/.


    A native Oklahoman, Mike was born and raised in the small southeastern town of Wilburton. Both of his parents taught at Wilburton Public Schools, and instilled in him their closely held beliefs of the value and importance of public education and personal investment in the community.

    After graduating from Wilburton High School, Mike sought higher education at the University of Oklahoma. There he quickly became involved in campus life and was an active member of the OU RUF/NEKS as he worked to earn his degree. As a RUF/NEK, Mike was thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to participate in one of his favorite pastimes, cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners.

    Upon earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, Mike began his career as a software engineer for IBM in Austin, Texas. While working for IBM he also earned his Master’s Degree in Software engineering from the University of Texas.

    In 2006, Mike married his longtime best friend, Charlene. Shortly after relocating to Austin, the couple decided to start a family. While living in Austin, working, and going to school, Mike realized the truth to the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In order to foster close family relationships and establish roots in a community in which their three children could flourish, Mike and Charlene made the decision to return to Oklahoma.

    Mike and his family have enjoyed living in northwest Oklahoma City since 2011. Mike is fortunate to have a fulfilling career as a software engineer with a local consulting group as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Central Oklahoma. He finds making a positive impact in his community by coaching his childrens’ sports teams, robotics teams and supporting their local schools particularly rewarding pursuits. Mike strives to create within his community a place of belonging, opportunity, safety, and growth.



    Education is the building block of a flourishing society. Oklahoma’s youth are entitled to an accessible and appropriate education through our public school system. Historically, state legislators routinely pass legislation regarding budget and operations for our schools that neglect or harm our children, educators, and threaten our schools. It is critical for the future of Oklahoma that we provide adequate funding to our public schools, and do not engage in legislating teachers out of the classroom.


    Improving the quality, safety, and accessibility of healthcare is an essential function of our government. In national studies, Oklahoma consistently ranks near the bottom of all states in healthcare. Providing access to safe, affordable, and quality healthcare is crucial for assuring positive health outcomes for Oklahomans.

    Mike pledges to fight for Oklahomans’ rights to safe, accessible, and quality healthcare in the following ways:

    • Ensure affordable and accessible healthcare is available to all Oklahomans, including members of vulnerable populations such as minorities, women, and those belonging to the 2SLGBTQ+ community.
    • Reduce the cost of live saving medications necessary for thousands of Oklahomans.
    • Invest in mental health and disability programs that provide Oklahomans access to these vital services.


    The cornerstone of American democracy and one of the most fundamental rights of citizenship is the right to vote in elections. Voting enables citizens to direct how the government best serves us, but our democracy only works when every voice is heard.

    Mike pledges to fight for Oklahomans’ rights to fair and accessible voting in the following ways.

    • Expand early voting (in-person absentee voting) by increasing the number of polling places that participate in early voting, thereby increasing Oklahomans’ opportunities to participate in our state and local government.
    • Implement and promote online voter registration
    • Educate Oklahomans, particularly high school seniors, regarding the importance and function of voting, how they can register to vote and cast their ballot, what to expect at the polls, and other ways they can participate in order to create meaningful change for the future of Oklahoma
    • Remove and limit barriers for citizens in getting state questions on the ballot. State questions enable voters to make the best choice for our communities when the state government fails to do so, and should not be restricted by elected officials.


    Transparency is a critical foundational principle at all levels of government and is necessary to guarantee the essential right of citizens to understand how our government is serving us. Insufficient transparency often leads to abuse of power and a lack of accountability.

    Mike pledges to fight for Oklahomans’ right to transparency and accountability in the following ways:

    • Reinforce Oklahomans’ trust in our state and local governments by providing information and service that is built on the scaffolding of transparency.
    • Uphold accountability from elected officials. “Where are my tax dollars going?” and “How are you improving my community?” are only some of the often asked questions that require personal and professional accountability from those in our government.

    This information was taken from Mike’s website: mikeisok.org

  • September 29, 2022 1:43 PM | Anonymous

    Edmond Democratic Women Endorses Ellyn Hefner for House District 8

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Ellyn Hefner a democratic candidate for Oklahoma House District 87. Ellyn shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe she is uniquely qualified to represent House District 87. For more information about Ellyn or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website.


    Ellyn Novak Hefner is a single-working mother with three children. Life changed and so did her career path when her youngest son was born with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Learning to navigate the developmental disability service system and advocate for her son is what inspired Ellyn to become a champion for disability rights in Oklahoma.

    She has spent the last 18 years as a caregiver and professional dedicated to helping Oklahoma parents find hope and resources for their children with IDD. Originally a small business owner with her late husband in Oklahoma City, Ellyn shifted careers to become a health coordinator for the Oklahoma Family Network, a nonprofit serving families with disabilities and special health care needs. She became more involved at the policy level after graduating from Partners in Policymaking, a leadership training program designed to teach people with disabilities and family members the power of advocacy to positively change the way people with disabilities are supported, viewed, taught, live and work. She served on the Interagency Coordinating Council for Sooner Start as a member and Chair. In 2015, Ellyn helped organize the Roll and Walk from 11th and Walker to the Capitol to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act Sunday, July 26, 2015. She was appointed by the Governor, in 2015, to serve on the Advisory Committee on Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities.

    Ellyn is currently a financial advisor at Bluecrest Financial Alliances in Midtown She is a Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC) and helps families access information, specialists, financial products and services that improve the quality of life for Oklahomans with disabilities and special needs. She is also an ambassador for OKSTABLE accounts, which allows individuals with disabilities to save and invest money without losing eligibility for certain public benefits programs. She recently worked alongside State Treasurer Randy McDaniel and Rep. Kyle Hilbert on an Income-tax deduction for Oklahomans who contribute to STABLE accounts.

    As a mother of a child with disabilities, Ellyn has first-hand experience dealing with the deficiencies in our state, including Oklahoma's unacceptable 13-year waiting list for developmental disability services. She has worked directly with the thousands of Oklahomans and their families who get left behind every day. In the state legislature, Ellyn will support practical, common-sense solutions that are family friendly and benefit all Oklahomans, not just a few.

    Ellyn is ready to build on her leadership experience as your State Representative. She has a reputation as a servant leader on multiple boards. She is the immediate past board chair for Daily Living Centers in Oklahoma City and served as board member and president for the national Sotos Syndrome Support Association. Currently she is a board member of the Santa Fe Family Life Center and is a member of the development Committee for the JFK awards.

    >In her spare time, Ellyn sweep rows with The River Sirens on The RIVERSPORT Corporate Rowing League. She enjoys great coffee shops and new restaurants with her family and friends. Ellyn is a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Oklahoma City.


    Strengthen Public Schools

    Ellyn knows that our state is only as strong as our public schools. That’s why she supports increasing education funding, raising teacher pay and benefits, and empowering local school boards and administrators to make the best decisions for their students. As the mother of students who attended public and private schools, she knows that parents deserve to have choices when it comes to their children’s education.

    Open and Honest Government

    Ellyn believes that Oklahoma’s government should work for everyone, not just a select few. She wants to make the State Legislature operate under the Open Meetings and Open Records Acts, ensure that the budget process is fair and open, and enact stronger anti-corruption measures. Ellyn will always do what is right for her constituents.

    Access to Quality Mental Health Services

    Ellyn understands how access to QUALITY mental Health Care is important to families. Caregivers need to have support in caring for their family, co-workers and friends when they are in crisis. Ellyn will work with legislators to support Oklahomans and find solutions to the state’s growing mental health crisis.

    This information take from Ellyn’s website.

    Edmond Democratic Women Endorses Blake Aguirre For State Senate District 22

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Blake Aguirre a Democratic candidate for State Senate District 22. Blake shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe he is uniquely qualified to represent all Oklahomans. For more information about Blake or to volunteer to help with his campaign efforts, please visit his website.


    I was born in Ardmore and I have deep roots in rural communities, communities which are similar to many located in Senate District 22. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with my bachelor’s degree in Political Science with minors in Pre-Law and Spanish. Having been raised by my mom and Navy dad, I know full well the struggles many military families face as they balance family life with duty. Veterans issues are also very close to my heart, as many of my family are veterans, and I’ve learned so much about what can be done to help these heroes once they’re back home.

    When my mom and maternal grandmother were diagnosed with cancer in 2011, I saw them struggle with the current healthcare system, which drove me to get more involved with helping others who experienced these struggles. I’ve learned to think outside the box for solutions, such as when my family and I established a local firework business to raise funds to help pay the co-payments for cancer patients. I will work toward a healthcare system which works more efficiently and which helps patients more than it hurts them.

    As the grandson of an immigrant, I’ll strive to find a balance between a secure border and an effective path to citizenship for those who come to America in search of a better life. I know many of their struggles, and I truly want to help build a stronger Oklahoma by making Oklahoma stronger for us all.


    Education: I support an increase in funding for our schools and increase for our teachers as Oklahoma has lost many educators to surrounding states due to inadequate pay. I will also fight to help make college more affordable to ensure minorities have the same opportunities as others.

    Criminal Justice Reform: As your Senator, I will work with both Democrats and Republicans to fully fund Courts and District Attorney's offices with general revenue and not put the burden of cost as many Oklahomans go back into incarceration for inability to pay fines and court costs.

    HealthCare: I will fight to increase funding for mental health and substance abuse prevention while working with both sides of the aisle to address the rising costs of HealthCare.

    This information was taken from Blake’s website.

  • September 29, 2022 1:32 PM | Anonymous

    Edmond Democratic Women Endorses Greg Clyde for Oklahoma House District 83

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Greg Clyde a democratic candidate for Oklahoma House District 83. Greg shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe he is uniquely qualified to represent House District 83. For more information about Greg or to volunteer to help with his campaign efforts, please visit his website.


    Greg Clyde is a fifth-generational Oklahoman and was born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma. The son of a nurse and career soldier turned special education teacher, Greg learned early on about the importance of service above self and the benefits of giving back to your community. Greg’s parents served their community in roles ranging from little league sports to Hospice board, and everything in between. It is their legacy of advocacy and community work that Greg hopes to carry on.

    Since graduating pharmacy school over 25 years ago, Greg has made Northwest Oklahoma City home serving his community as a pharmacist. Sensing a need for his neighbors to have a locally owned option for their prescriptions, Greg successfully opened Clyde Pharmacy, his own independent pharmacy in 2019.

    Greg currently serves as a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). CASA’s serve our most vulnerable foster kids. Now Greg wants to take his qualifications and passions to fight for us as our Representative.


    Expanding Access to Affordable Healthcare

    Improving our healthcare system is a necessity for the quality of Oklahoman’s lives. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the magnitude of flaws in the system, and the danger those flaws pose. As a local pharmacist and pharmacy owner, Greg works directly with patients battling the unaffordability of pharmaceuticals that their lives are dependent on. So, he communicates with medical insurance companies, and is familiar with navigating the language and barriers used by these companies to make money off of the working and middle class.

    Public Education

    Oklahomans continue to call for greater educational funding, a call that continues to be overlooked by most of our legislature. Teachers and schools are meant to be safe spaces for children equipped with the resources for proactive approaches to address children who are struggling with learning, social, and personal challenges. When schools and teachers are underfunded and overworked, they cannot be as thorough in spotting these potential hazards and therefore might miss opportunities to intervene. Increasing school and teacher funding

    can alleviate some of the stressors placed on teachers, and allow them the space they need to protect our children.

    Expanding the Safety Net for Our Most Vulnerable Children

    As a volunteer CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for foster children, Greg works with the most vulnerable members of our community and knows how the government can minimize the challenges they face. Accessible healthcare and resources for teachers are two areas that can most effectively be utilized to protect children in Oklahoma.

    This information was taken from Greg’s website.

    Edmond Democratic Women Endorses Nana Dankwa For Oklahoma House District 90

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Nana Dankwa a democratic candidate for Oklahoma House District 90. Nana shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe he is uniquely qualified to represent House District 90. For more information about Nana or to volunteer to help with his campaign efforts, please visit his website.


    Born in Oklahoma City in 1981, the son of Ghanaian immigrants, Nana has overcome every challenge by embracing the dreams his parents envisioned when they came to the United States in the 1970s.

    Nana grew up in the Putnam City School District. Soon after graduating high school, he received his diploma in Surgical Technology and worked full-time in the medical field for 9 years while earning his Associate's and Bachelor's. He left full-time work to focus on his MBA and a law degree. He passed the Oklahoma State Bar, became a licensed Attorney, and now works in Banking Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Protection.

    He ran for Oklahoma City Council, Ward 1 in the 2021 election, coming in third of seven candidates, and went on to be elected as Secretary of the Oklahoma Democratic Party in the same year.

    Nana's success is the fulfillment of his parents' dreams, but if you ask Nana what his greatest achievements are, he will tell you it is being a husband to Lauren, and a father to their two children, Nana-King and August.

    With their support, he will work just as hard for the people of House District 90.


    Transparency and Accountability

    • In every industry Nana has worked in, the foundations have had Transparency and Accountability as the main pillars.
    • As a healthcare professional, he learned first-hand measures of integrity and safety to give every patient in the surgical suite competent and quality care.
    • In law school, Nana learned that government works best when it is transparent and accountable to the people it serves.
    • In banking, he currently works in regulatory compliance, protecting people through consumer protection and fair lending.
    • Nana has taken his interest and passion for government and law to the next level, not only for his own family but for his community. He believes people deserve to understand the processes of government and they deserve to participate. He also believes that public servants have a responsibility to stay true to the constituents they serve.

    Nana will use this same diligence and everything he has learned to ensure our local government is accountable to the people of House District 90.


    Nana has experienced education at every level - from attending K-12 public schools, to a vocational diploma, to going back to school for his Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's in Business, and Juris Doctorate. Every program gave him a greater appreciation for the ability to get an education, a greater appreciation for his educators, and reinforced that he needed to use his diverse skills to help others. Nana believes in:

    • Fighting for Pay Increase and Teacher Retention. Value educators and compensate what they deserve for educating the bright minds of our future. Make critical investments to keep educator talent in our state. Protect Education Funding. Pay teachers.
    • Fighting for Quality Education in Public Schools. As a parent of a 4 and 5-year-old entering the public school system, Nana knows that most working parents cannot feasibly utilize vouchers to private schools away from the school closest to their homes, let alone the time and cost it takes to commute if they even qualify. Legislators should instead focus on public school reform by keeping money in public education and providing public school teachers the resources and tools they need to educate ALL Oklahoma children. Though recent voucher bills have been defeated, Nana knows it is possible that these intentions will resurface again in different forms.


    Nana believes in leadership that works hard for working families and a healthy economy. Oklahomans deserve a livable wage and a level playing field so that they can enjoy what they earn.

    • Fairness in Homeownership. Like most Oklahomans, Nana has seen how real estate has rapidly impacted so many hard-working families that hope to achieve a critical tenant of the American Dream - owning a home. Nana will use his skills in mortgage banking and consumer protection to advocate for fair lending and affordable homes.
    • Jobs. Nana believes in strong job creation, fighting for a living wage, a healthy work-life balance, and advocating for employee protections.
    • Infrastructure. Investing in our infrastructure leads to quality in connectivity, productivity, and output. Nana will focus on economic growth for House District 90, and its impact on all Oklahomans.
    • Consumer Protection. Nana's background in law and consumer protection has prepared him to be an advocate that can positively impact the interests and rights of the people.


    Nana was a healthcare professional for 9 years and has been trained to promote evidence based practice and quality in healthcare. Nana believes:

    Affordable Healthcare is a Right. Healthcare is not up for debate on who is deserving or not deserving. No Oklahoman should have to worry that they won't be able to attain the help that they need. As Representative, Nana will work to advocate for transparent and affordable physical and mental health care for all people.

    We need to protect Medicare and Social Security. As cost-of-living increases, we should not only protect the existing provisions for Medicare and Social Security, we should work across the aisle to expand them. Oklahoma seniors have worked hard to pay into these vital programs. They deserve dignity and stability in life and retirement.

    Safe, Quality Care is Paramount. All people deserve access to safe care practices, and all patients and providers deserve to be in safe environments. As a patient and as a professional, Nana has experienced care on both ends. Nana is forever a steward of community health, and will fight for protections for all people providing and receiving services in the Healthcare Industry.

    This information was taken from Nana’s website.

  • September 29, 2022 1:26 PM | Anonymous

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Julia Kirt, a democratic candidate for Oklahoma Senate District 30. Julia shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe she is uniquely qualified to represent Oklahoman’s in Senate District 30. For more information about Julia or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website.


    A fifth generation Oklahoman, Julia is the daughter of an Air Force veteran and a minister. Julia learned the value of giving back to her community from an early age and works to lift up others in her everyday life.

    Julia is an experienced community leader. For the 20 years before she was elected, Julia worked to build up Oklahoma’s creative potential as the director of two different statewide nonprofit arts organizations. She most recently served as the Executive Director of Oklahomans for the Arts, which works to improve the economy, education and communities through the arts. Previously, she led the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, working with thousands of artists across the state to develop strong small businesses and connect with audiences.

    She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Masters in Art History and earned an undergraduate degree from Macalester College in Communications. She received further training through the Stanford Graduate School Business Center for Social Innovation.

    Since entering the Senate, Julia has earned the respect of those on both sides of the aisle. First elected in 2018, she has concentrated her legislative efforts on public education, mental health, a fair budget and prioritizing Oklahomans left behind. Learning at every opportunity, she asks the hard questions that need to be asked and carefully considers the consequences of every decision.

    Julia has become one of the most well known budget watchdogs in the legislature, working to ensure responsible state investments and fair fiscal policies. She serves on the Appropriations Committee, Health and Human Services Subcommittee for Appropriations, Finance Committee and the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency Oversight Committee.

    Dedicating herself to speaking up for Oklahomans being left behind, she serves as co-chair of the Waiting List Caucus to ensure individuals with developmental disabilities receive the services they deserve to thrive and their families receive the help they need. The Arc of Oklahoma awarded Julia the 2020 Elected Official Advocate of the Year award for promoting better understanding and integration of people with disabilities in employment, education, and the community.

    Julia helped start the Legislative Mental Health Caucus, a bi-partisan group of leaders working to make sure Oklahomans facing mental health challenges or substance use disorder can receive treatment and our state invests more in prevention. Mental Health America named her a 2021 Legislative Champion for her work.

    Julia lives in Oklahoma City with her husband of 17 years, Nathan Guilford, and their two children, Roger and Lila. Nathan owns a small business in northwest Oklahoma City.


    Strong Public Schools

    Our kids deserve public schools with the resources to help them reach their potential. Despite efforts to catch up, our state still underfunds our schools compared to the region. Our state has overemphasized testing and underemphasized 21st century skills. Supporting our public schools motivates Julia’s service. Julia is a public school parent, product of public schools and daughter of a former public school teacher.

    Julia will continue to stand up for policies that benefit kids and equip educators.

    Thriving Mental Health

    Brain health is part of our wellbeing. Every Oklahoman deserves access to mental health care that helps them live their best lives. Meanwhile, 1 in 5 Oklahoma adults experience mental illness. Oklahomans have some of the highests rates in the country of Adverse Childhood Experiences and longest waits to be diagnosed or treated for mental illness.

    Julia will keep championing resources for mental health and substance use disorder treatment for all ages.

    An Economy that Works for ALL

    We have to create an economy with more opportunities available for more people. Oklahoma leaves far too much capacity untapped. Inequality undermines competition and limits growth in our economy. Although our economy has grown, wages for most Oklahomans have stagnated. The pandemic showed how much employment is fragile. When we support Oklahoma-grown businesses and improve the skills of workers, we build a new economy. When our state invests in quality education and health, we invest in long term prosperity.

    Julia knows that creating a state where more people can succeed makes it so our state will succeed. She will continue speaking up for quality jobs and business opportunities for Oklahomans.

    This information was taken from Julia’s website.

    Edmond Democratic Women Endorses Tegan Malone for Oklahoma House District 95

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Tegan Malone a democratic candidate for Oklahoma House District 95. Tegan shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe she is uniquely qualified to represent House District 95. For more information about Tegan or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website.


    Tegan Malone’s roots run deep in Midwest City. Going back to the war efforts in the 1940s, Tegan’s grandfather worked on aircraft to keep our pilots in the air. Growing up near Tinker AFB, the collectiveness of community and the importance of service above self was never lost on Tegan.

    Tegan attended East Side Elementary, Ridgecrest Elementary, Monroney Junior High, and Carl Albert High School, where she graduated as senior class president and valedictorian. After graduation, Tegan attended Rose State College and the University of Oklahoma. In 1999, Tegan gave birth to her son Brayden, and her family became an Air Force family - being stationed first at Travis AFB in California. After adding their second son, Camden, to their family, Tegan went back to school and earned a post-baccalaureate teaching certificate and a Masters Degree in Teaching from Western Governors University. She began teaching elementary school shortly after receiving her Masters.

    After returning to Oklahoma, Tegan continued teaching at Pleasant Hill Elementary, where she was a finalist for Mid-Del’s district Teacher of the Year, Fairview Elementary, and Kerr Middle School. Tegan transitioned out of the classroom and into the nonprofit sector.

    Tegan is an avid cyclist and led the Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship. She also brought the popular Bike Club program from Tulsa to the OKC metro, starting the first program at Kerr Middle School (now Del City Middle School). Tegan is currently the president-elect of BikeOklahoma, and a member of the Oklahoma Trails Advisory Board which assists the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation administer the Federal Recreational Trails Grant Program.

    Alongside cycling, Tegan enjoys spending time with her partner, Ryan, their kids Brayden, Camden, Carlie, and Harison.



    Put simply, our students shouldn't be our biggest exports. Our best and brightest are oftentimes the quickest to leave the state for better opportunities. As our Representative, Tegan will fight tooth and nail to ensure we are investing into the

    future of our state and focusing on keeping our students in Oklahoma. This means not just investing into our K-12 schools, but ensuring our public universities are among the first universities our students are considering for college.

    Changing our State’s Current Course

    This past legislative session was difficult to watch. Rather than moving our state in a direction that benefits all Oklahomans, we instead focused on hot-button issues and banning our teachers from teaching history as it happened. We need leaders who are working to serve the residents of Oklahoma and not waste our tax-payer dollars writing and passing legislation that puts us on the wrong path and is irrelevant to our daily lives.


    Tegan’s background in active transportation has afforded her a unique perspective on the incredible things happening all over our state. She has witnessed and coached numerous communities to increase opportunities for safer routes for active transportation. She understands that Oklahoma has some of the most progressive cycling laws in the country, and building on this success will enable Oklahoma to be a Top Ten State with regards to its transportation infrastructure.

    Veterans and Military Families

    Service above self - this is the mantra of so many people who feel called to serve our country. Sacrifice comes in many different forms, from leaving the only town a person has ever known, to missing the birth of a child, struggling to find employment at a new duty station for a spouse or partner, and yes, even laying down one’s own life in service to our country, our military families make sacrifices daily to ensure our American ideals. We must uphold the promises made in exchange for this service. Healthcare, job assistance, sound public education, and a strong public safety net are part of this package. Anything less is dishonorable to the sacrifices of so many.


    Ensuring we aren’t leaving behind families and residents of the Mid-Del area should always be a top priority for our elected officials. Tegan will fight to invest more into our technology centers and vo-tech schools, making higher education accessible to our residents. Creating more job opportunities in House District 95 starts with investing in our education system and equipping our workforce with the knowledge and tools to find or create good-paying jobs in our ever-growing competitive job market.

    This information was taken from Tegan’s website

  • September 29, 2022 12:04 PM | Anonymous

    Edmond Democratic Women announces endorsement for Carri Hicks a democratic candidate for Oklahoma Senate District 40. Carri shares the values of the Edmond Democratic Women and we believe she is uniquely qualified to represent Oklahomans in Senate District 40. For more information about Carri or to volunteer to help with her campaign efforts, please visit her website.


    Senator Carri Hicks is a mother, an educator, and a lifelong Oklahoman. The daughter of a public school teacher, Hicks graduated from Oklahoma City University. She earned her bachelor's degree in mass communications and political science. Hicks furthered her education at OCU by earning a master's degree with a focus on leadership management. She went on to work for United Way of Central Oklahoma and Saint Luke's United Methodist Church. Hicks developed skills in fundraising, advertising, and publishing throughout her career in the nonprofit sector.

    A life-long learner with a passion for education, Hicks decided to seek a career change. She earned her masters in early childhood education and applied for a teaching certificate. Hicks began working as a public school teacher in the Putnam City School District in 2011. After three years teaching Kindergarten at Tulakes Elementary, Hicks moved to the Deer Creek School District, where she taught First Grade for two years and Fourth Grade Math and Science for two years at Grove Valley Elementary.

    Hicks has served as an adjunct professor at OCU teaching in the College of Education. In the summer of 2019, she was named a Gaylord-McCasland Education Fellow by the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, and worked to reshape the museum experience for young learners.

    Today, Hicks lives in Northwest Oklahoma City with her husband of ten years, Spencer. They are the proud parents of three children: Camilla, Holli, and Sawyer. A dedicated community servant, Hicks was named CEO of Rainbow Fleet, an Oklahoma City nonprofit focused on early childhood education and quality child care. This new role allows Hicks to extend her work on early childhood to positively impact kids and families in our community. Hicks also serves on the nonprofit board for the STEAM Engine, where she helps build the next generation of makers and doers. Hicks serves on the Education, Health & Human Services, and Finance Committees and looks forward to continuing to represent the voices of her constituents in Senate District 40.



    During her time in the legislature, Oklahoma has begun to restore decades of budget cuts to public education. However, Oklahoma consistently falls in the bottom 10 states for funding public education. As a former educator and mother of three, Carri has seen how budget cuts in the past impact students first hand.

    Overcrowded classrooms coupled with a devastating teacher shortage, threaten the academic potential for all of our children. Our veteran teachers are retiring at a rate three times higher than average in the wake of the most challenging year in education. Lack of funding to support technology in the classroom became more visible than ever in highlighting the digital divide in our learning environments. Carri knows that unless things change, our kids will leave school without the skills they need to enter college or the workforce. In the Senate, Carri continues to fight tooth and nail to ensure public dollars are going to public classrooms. She has actively fought against measures to defund public education, while being an avid advocate for ensuring our public classrooms get the funding they deserve.


    Carri believes that access to great healthcare for Oklahomans is a fundamental right. When Carri was pregnant with her second child, her first-born son became seriously ill. After weeks of declining health, he ended up in the emergency room and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Carri is grateful for the lifesaving care her son received, but knows that many families lack access to quality medical care. Our uninsured rate remains high, hospitals across the state are closing, and we have a severe shortage of nurses and healthcare workers. Medicaid expansion is a huge step in the right direction in covering families and individuals with health insurance, but there is so much work left to be done to improve our health outcomes. Carri believes every family deserves the best treatment possible, no matter their background, their income, or zip code. Some of Carri's greatest accomplishments in healthcare reform in her first term were authoring and passing legislation for emergency access to lifesaving medications and capping copays on insulin. Healthcare continues to be one of Carri's top priorities and she remains steadfast in her commitment to improve health outcomes for Oklahomans.

    Economic Recovery

    Our state is facing a massive labor shortage, and we have a unique opportunity to build back better. As our largest economic sectors are working through existing challenges compounded by the Pandemic, it is important to ensure that everyone has equal access to the workforce. Carri supports meaningful reforms to invest in our communities so that folks can go to work and take care of their families. Carri has been a tireless advocate for small business owners, constantly communicating to ensure needs are being heard and addressed. From fighting for economic relief for everyday Oklahomans to pushing to restore the Earned Income Tax Credit, she knows economic relief starts by ensuring hard-working families can reinvest in their local communities. As we continue to repair the economic damages of COVID-19, Carri will continue to fight for responsible economic recovery, and put the needs of workers first.

    This information was taken from Carri’s website.

  • September 29, 2022 11:54 AM | Anonymous

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